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Zeekr operates as a fresh face in the electric vehicle sector. Geely, a giant in the automotive industry, took the initiative to launch this brand. They chose China as the birthplace for Zeekr, targeting innovation in electric mobility. The primary aim behind its creation was to offer consumers cutting-edge electric vehicles. Zeekr stands out for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what electric cars can achieve.

Meaning and history

Zeekr emerged as a new player in the electric vehicle (EV) arena, founded in 2021 by Geely, a Chinese auto giant. Geely’s ambition crafted Zeekr, targeting tech-savvy consumers seeking premium, intelligent EVs. The brand debuted with Zeekr 001, a sleek, high-performance model boasting advanced autonomous driving features. Zeekr’s ethos fuses cutting-edge technology with user experience, reflecting a modern lifestyle. Zeekr’s vision extends to creating a comprehensive ecosystem, encompassing smart mobility services. The brand’s growth trajectory is aggressive, with plans to launch multiple models within a few years, challenging established EV manufacturers. Zeekr’s innovation is backed by Geely’s robust R&D and manufacturing prowess, positioning it as a pioneer in China’s push for electrification. The name “Zeekr” encapsulates their zeal for innovation and a keen foresight into the future of transportation.

What is Zeekr?
Zeekr represents innovation in the electric vehicle landscape. It’s a brand that marries luxury with cutting-edge technology, offering consumers high-performance electric vehicles. Through its models, Zeekr aims to redefine automotive excellence, focusing on sustainability and advanced driving experiences.

2021 – Today

Zeekr Logo

The Zeekr logo showcases a bold, contemporary design. A geometric motif stands out on the left, resembling an abstract door ajar, hinting at innovation and openness. Crisp, black lettering spells ‘ZEEKR’ in capital letters, asserting a strong, authoritative presence. The font is modern, with clean lines and balanced spacing, reflecting precision and high-tech aesthetics. The minimalistic use of black and white colors emphasizes a sleek and sophisticated brand identity, evoking the essence of modern luxury electric vehicles. Overall, the logo conveys Zeekr’s commitment to cutting-edge design and forward-thinking in the EV market.