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Anime, like manga, is becoming more and more popular every year among children and teenagers. This is primarily due to the fact that Japanese animation provides a large selection of genres. Naruto is a classic anime that stays popular over 20 years later. Akatsuki is a criminal organization within the fictional world of the Naruto series. The group is posed as the main opposing force and villain of the original series, whose plans involve essentially the destruction of the world. Their design and motives made them very popular among the fans.

Meaning and History

The original concept of Akatsuki was developed by Kuro Zetsu as part of a plan to bring his mother back to life. The new organization appeared during the fictional Third Shinobi World War. Yahiko along with Nagato and Konan, who he was friends with from childhood, wanted to bring peace to their homeland, which often fell into cross-conflicts. Yahiko died in the battle, after which Nagato becomes the leader of the organization. However, under the influence of Obito Uchiha, Nagato completely reorganized Akatsuki, so the members now had to find and kill nine jinchuriki. The latter were people who had powerful beings comparable in strength to an atomic bomb sealed in them from childhood. Under Nagato’s leadership, each member of this secret organization possessed one of the ten rings to be worn on a specific finger. The literal translation of the organization’s name from Japanese sounds like “Red Moon”.

What is Akatsuki?
This is a dark and secret organization that is part of the Naruto story. The war is nothing when compared to the gloomy gatherings of Akatsuki. Under Nagato’s leadership, Akatsuki members were divided into groups of two, usually formed based on perceived similarities or characteristics that complemented each other. Teams traveled the world pursuing Akatsuki’s goals and only meeting when summoned by Nagato, usually to seal the Bijuu. These fictional manga characters were created by Masashi Kishimoto.

1999 – today

Akatsuki Logo

The main Akatsuki emblem has always been a red cloud with thick white lines and black outlines. There are three white spiral lines inside the figure, as well as a sharp tail on the (usually) left end of the wisp. These elements gave it a sense of movement along with an aggressive, dangerous feeling. This emblem symbolizes the rain of blood, a concept taken from the history of the Naruto world. It has been used for twenty years, which further strengthened the association of a relatively plain image with a famous fictional organization of the Naruto world.

Font and color

The Akatsuki logo does not have any wordmarks as it only features a red cloud. Red is a symbol of freedom, courage, and bravery, which is what the group initially stood for. The red color is also used as the color of blood, a symbol of anger and revenge. It is the color of war and revolution. The latter meaning was more appropriate for the new goals of the dark Akatsuki organization. The logo also has a white and black outline around it. These colors make the actual red color pop and look bolder. The black color is associated with authority, and power and symbolizes rebellion, danger, fear, mystery, darkness, and so on.