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Autobots and Decepticons, which have long filled the toy stores, have occupied the cinema screens for quite some time after the first Transformers movie was shown in cinemas. In any situation, a transformer robot, like a person, can be not only kind, but also evil. These are powerful robots that are able to transform into a wide variety of machines and equipment. Trucks, airplanes, and helicopters are not excluded. The Decepticons are the evil opponents of the Autobots in the universe of transformers. They are led by Megatron. Decepticons want to take possession of the mysterious artifact “Allspark”.

Meaning and History

Decepticon Logo history

The word “Decepticon” comes from a combination of the English words “deception” and “construction”. It turns out something like “robots liars”, although the Decepticons themselves tend to consider themselves deceived by the Autobots. The Autobots and Decepticons were once brothers, but Megatron turned his many armies against Autobots, and this betrayal cannot be forgiven. That is why all those following Megatron were called Decepticons.

What is Decepticon?

The Decepticons are the opponents of the Autobots in the movie Transformers. They are aggressive and evil creatures. Both groups are distinguished by their own original emblems. For Autobots, it is a human stylized face, while the evil side has an emblem that was stylized as a fox’s head.

1984 – Today

Decepticon Logo

The original emblem of the Decepticons was purple in color with white details. It was drawn in a form of a mask or rather a face of one of the loyal soldiers of the Decepticons’ leader. A downward-pointing figure with white triangles in the center to represent the eyes resembled a fox’s head. The white eyes have an evil and fierce-looking shape and above them, there are two lines that resemble eyebrows. Between the eyebrows, there is a figure that looks like a crown. It is sticking out on the same level as the two pointy ears turned upwards. The face is framed by two triangles. The emblem is very symmetrical and if one does not know the story behind it, the face of the fox might not be distinguished right away. Nonetheless, it metaphorically indicates the nature of their actions, as it is made in the form of an image of a fox’s head.

1993 – 1995

Decepticon Logo 1993

For a short period of time, an alternate version of the original logo was used. It still had a white and purple color scheme, although the purple color was not as deep. It closely resembled the original logo and still had the face of a fox, which now looked like a triangle that was pointing down, with a “crown” and two triangles at the bottom. The crown had more of a diamond shape, while the eyes were enlarged and no longer looked like perfect triangles. Instead of ears, there were two large geometrical figures that symmetrically framed the upper half of the face. All the elements were separated by white lines and had a thin black outline.