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AllSaints, a UK-based fashion retailer, specializes in menswear, womenswear, footwear, and accessories. Operating 281 stores globally, it employs about 2,400 staff across 27 countries, including the UK, USA, France, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and China. In 2023, AllSaints achieved a sales increase of 36% to £457 million and a 50% profit rise to £58.6 million. This success was credited to product development, a new e-commerce platform, an expanding store network, and effective inventory management. This period also marked a full year of trading for the New York-based luxury menswear brand John Varvatos, owned by AllSaints​​​​.

Meaning and history

AllSaints, founded in 1994 by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolongaro, initially focused on wholesale menswear, selling to high-end retailers like Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Named after Trevor’s nickname and a London street, the brand opened its first store in 1997, followed by a womenswear line in 1998. By mid-2004, it had expanded to 10 UK stores. Kevin Stanford then acquired a majority stake, buying out partners including Trevor by 2005.

The brand faced challenges in 2011, with £53 million in debt due to rapid expansion and the Icelandic investment firm Baugur Group’s collapse. Lion Capital LLP, seeing AllSaints’ potential, bought a 76% stake, saving the company from collapse and reshaping its management. William Kim, appointed CEO in 2012, led a turnaround with a revenue increase to £231.1 million by 2015 and a focus on digital retail and Asian expansion.

Peter Wood, who joined AllSaints in 2010, became CEO in 2018, leading to revenue growth and digital and social media marketing expansion. However, AllSaints faced challenges during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, adjusting its business strategy for long-term viability. Lion Capital acquired the US brand John Varvatos in 2020, later integrating it into AllSaints. The brand paused operations in Russia in 2022 due to the conflict in Ukraine​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.


AllSaints logo

The logo features a simple, bold typeface spelling out “ALLSAINTS” in capital letters, underlined with a strikingly minimalist aesthetic. Centered above the text is a circular emblem containing the stylized image of a ram’s skull. The skull’s depiction is symmetric, with an almost inkblot-like quality, emphasizing the eyes and horns in a manner that suggests both strength and a touch of the enigmatic. The overall monochromatic palette speaks to a modern, edgy brand identity that aligns with AllSaints’ fashion ethos.