Antifa Logo

Antifa does not have a single leader, common funding, a clear hierarchy and ideology. Its independent groups operate around the world, including in all major US cities. The only thing that unites the supporters of the movement is the rejection of fascist or radical right views, including racial, class, and national superiority issues. During their demonstrations, supporters of the movement wear black clothes and hide their faces. Antifa often joins other activists’ campaigns. However, not all anti-fascists have the same goals and use the same methods. Some are concerned with environmental issues, while others might focus on indigenous peoples or  LGBT rights.

Meaning and History

The literal meaning of the word in German is quite simple: Antifa” means “anti-fascist”. Organized resistance to Nazism appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in Europe, in particular in Italy and Germany, where fascist regimes gave rise. Founded by members of the German Communist Party, the Antifaschistische Aktion militant group actively fought the Nazis even before the outbreak of World War II. In the US and Canada, informal anti-racist organizations also emerged around the 1980s. The oldest group, Rose City Antifa, currently active in the US appeared in 2007 in Portland, Oregon. This movement began to be talked about in the United States after the 2017 protests in Charlottesville.

What is Antifa?
Antifa is an international movement that aims to combat fascism. It unites left-wing and left-wing radical parties and organizations, various autonomous groups, as well as public organizations fighting neo-Nazism, racism, and sexism. In the United States, they oppose Trump’s policies, which they consider nationalistic and anti-Muslim.

1930 – Today

Antifa Logo

The original version of the logo was proposed in the 1930s by the German Communist Party. It consisted of two red flags located one under the other, waving to the right. On the emblems of today’s Antifa, the flags look to the left, with the upper flag in most cases red, the lower one black: a hint of the anarchist element of the movement and socialist ideology. The red flag has a rectangular shape and is significantly bigger than the triangular black one. The flags are located on a white background with a thick black border. The border contains the full name of the movement in German “Antifaschistische Aktion”. A variant with the more familiar English “Antifascist Action” is also very common.

Font and Color

The movement uses a very basic font without any serifs. All the letters are uppercase and white, implying the good motifs of the group. The other colors present in the logo are red and black. Black is a very strong and intimidating color. It is often associated with authority and makes people feel secure and protected. Red color captures attention like no other color. It motivates people to take action.