Antifa Logo

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What is Antifa Logo

Antifa is an international movement that aims to combat fascism. It unites left-wing and left-wing radical parties and organizations, various autonomous groups, as well as public organizations fighting neo-Nazism and racism. The literal meaning of the word in German is quite simple: Antifa” means “anti-fascist”.

Meaning and history

The original version of the logo was proposed in the 1930s by the German Communist Party. It consisted of two red flags located one under the other, waving to the right.


Antifa Logo

On the emblems of today’s antifa, the flags look to the left, with the upper flag in most cases red, the lower one black: a hint of the anarchist element of the movement and socialist ideology. The flags are located on a white background with a thick black border. It contains the full name of the movement in German “antifaschistische aktion”. A variant with the more familiar English “antifascist action” is also very common.