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Arc’teryx, a renowned Canadian company specializing in high-end outdoor clothing and sporting goods, was founded in 1989 in North Vancouver, British Columbia. The brand, originally named “Rock Solid” by founder Dave Lane, quickly evolved into Arc’teryx, a reference to the Archaeopteryx, an early bird. This symbolizes the company’s commitment to evolutionary design and innovation.

Meaning and history

Under the ownership of Amer Sports, which acquired it in 2001, Arc’teryx has become a global leader in outdoor gear. Its products are known for their meticulous design, superior quality, and cutting-edge materials. The brand’s achievements include revolutionizing climbing harnesses in the early 1990s and consistently pushing boundaries in the design of outdoor apparel and equipment.

Currently, Arc’teryx maintains its reputation for high-quality products and sustainable practices. It remains at the forefront of outdoor gear technology, continuously innovating and expanding its product lines to meet the evolving needs of outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

In essence, Arc’teryx is a trailblazer in the outdoor apparel and equipment industry. Renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable practices, the company has established itself as a top choice among outdoor enthusiasts for reliable and high-performance gear.

What is Arcteryx ?
Arc’teryx is a high-end outdoor clothing and sporting goods company, renowned for its innovative, quality gear.



The logo displays a stylized skeleton of the Archaeopteryx, an iconic prehistoric bird, captured in mid-pose with its wings spread and legs poised as if in motion. The skeleton is depicted with simple, clean lines that convey a sense of movement and evolution, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to innovation. Below the skeleton, the brand name “ARC’TERYX” is presented in bold, uppercase letters, with a distinctive apostrophe that underscores the brand’s unique identity. The logo’s monochrome palette suggests versatility and timelessness.