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Autobots are the main characters of a fictional world of Transformers. They’re performed in numerous toys, comic books, movies, cartoon series, novels, and other works, published since 1985. According to Transformers setting, the Autobots headed by Optimus Prime are in a constant war with another robot fraction – Dicepticons, following for Megatron. All bots can change their appearance and simulate mechanic animals and vehicles, thereby hiding among humans from the enemies.

Meaning and history

Autobots Logo history

This fictional universe was started in the mid-80s, when Hasbro launched a ‘Transformers’ comics series and a toy franchise. Then, the same franchises were started by Marvel and Griffin Bacal, and they feature the similar characters, just with another story. All the Transformers issues describe Autobots and Dicepticons as mindful robotic beings that first appeared on Cybertron, a planet completely made of metal. In the Transformers universe, Autobots play a role of ‘good’ transformers, while Dicepticons are conditionally ‘evil’ characters.

The iconic ‘Autobrand’ mask is often shown on the bodies of Autobots, their weapons, and other things. They use it as a recognition sign distinguishing allies. By one version, the mark probably shows a schematic depiction of Prowl’s face – one of the most prominent Autobots commanders and strategists. This distinctive insignia was introduced with the first comics of Transformers, published in 1984.

In the Transformers world, Autobots use various logotypes to classify various types of robots.

This ‘Autobrand’ emblem is a combination of multiple hexagons, bars, triangles and other geometrical figures, grouped in a helmet-like image. The shapes are separated by a white space, and they’re drawn in such a way, so one can easily recognize eyes, mouth, and other parts of a head.

What is Autobots?
Autobots are the self-conscience robots, able to take on the appearence of the vehicles, weapons, and other mechanisms. Represented in numerous comics, visual novels and cinemas, Autobots are the primary personages in the several franchises named Transformers, carried by Hasbro, Marvel, and Griffin Bacal. Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, are battling Dicepticons – another group of robots, commanded by Megatron. All bots originate from the metallic planet of Cybertron.

1984 – now

Autobots Logo

1993 – 1995

Autobots Logo 1993

For some time, Autobots used another emblem. It has depicted the head of some Ancient Autobot. The image has also been drafted of many geometrical forms, shaping a helmet. There are two protective plates in the lower part. The nose and forehead are protected as well. The designers drew two plates each side from the head. They’re probably the defensive parts of the helmet.


Autobots Symbol

Both Autobots logotype have been used without a lettering. Probably, the designers relied on worldwide celebrity of Autobots’ sole emblems, so they didn’t write many characters. Hovever, they put the head above the word ‘Transformers’ sometimes. It has a sharp capitalized typeface with heavy letters.


Autobots Emblem

Traditionally, the color palette of Autobots brand logo has always combined red and white shades, whereas red was used for the geometrical forms, while the background was colored white.