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Bape Shark is a distinctive design from the Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape. Nigo, the founder, introduced this iconic pattern. The creation took place in Tokyo, Japan. It primarily serves as a design for clothing and accessories. The shark face motif, complete with a full zip closure that covers the wearer’s face, marks its uniqueness.

Meaning and history

Bape, officially known as A Bathing Ape, was founded in 1993 by Nigo in Tokyo, Japan. Initially, it focused on streetwear. The brand gained fame with its unique camo patterns and ape logo. Hip-hop culture widely embraced Bape’s designs, increasing its global appeal. The Shark Hoodie, iconic for its full-zip design, became a signature piece. In 2011, Nigo sold Bape to Hong Kong conglomerate I.T Group. Bape has collaborated with numerous brands, enhancing its trendy appeal. Despite ownership changes, Bape remains a major influence in street fashion. Its limited releases and celebrity endorsements keep the brand highly sought after.

What is Bape Shark?
Bape Shark is a graphic design element from A Bathing Ape, known for its shark face print on hoods. This motif covers the face when fully zipped, creating a visual impact. It symbolizes the fusion of street culture and high fashion.

2004 – Today

Bape Shark Logo

The logo shows a bold, stylized representation of a shark’s open mouth. Stark black contrasts with white teeth and a red inner mouth. Above, two simple eyes with red pupils add a touch of menace. This emblem personifies urban cool with a hint of playfulness. The design is minimal yet striking, making a distinct impression. It encapsulates edgy style in a graphic bite.