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“Better Call Saul,” crafted by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, is a production marvel by High Bridge Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television. Filmed in the evocative landscapes of Albuquerque, New Mexico, it narrates Jimmy McGill’s moral descent into Saul Goodman, a shady lawyer navigating the precarious edges of law and crime. This series intricately captures the pre-“Breaking Bad” era, showcasing the complex dance between right and wrong through stellar storytelling and character arcs.

Meaning and history

Better Call Saul Logo history

“Better Call Saul” is a pre-“Breaking Bad” drama, showing Jimmy McGill’s shift to lawyer Saul Goodman. In Albuquerque, ex-con Jimmy wrestles with ethics to gain legal respectability. His journey reflects the thin line between right and wrong. The show delves into his personal and professional transformations. It’s a tale of ambition, identity, and moral ambiguity.

Throughout the series, Jimmy’s character is intricately entwined with his elder brother Chuck McGill, a distinguished attorney. This complex relationship, filled with rivalry and a quest for approval, propels much of Jimmy’s actions and decisions. The show captures Jimmy’s tumultuous journey as he faces professional hurdles and personal challenges, often finding himself on the fringes of legality.

Kim Wexler, a fellow lawyer and Jimmy’s romantic interest, emerges as a pivotal character. Her story arc, blending ambition with integrity, offers a stark contrast to Jimmy’s moral ambiguities. Their relationship is a nuanced exploration of love, compromise, and diverging paths.

A significant subplot involves Mike Ehrmantraut, transitioning from a former police officer to an adept criminal fixer. Mike’s narrative threads through the Albuquerque crime scene, intersecting with Jimmy’s world and adding layers to the show’s portrayal of law and disorder.

The series masterfully navigates Jimmy’s gradual shift from a struggling lawyer to the flamboyant Saul Goodman, a persona synonymous with moral shortcuts and colorful legal antics. This evolution is portrayed against the backdrop of familial discord, love, and the underbelly of criminal activities.

“Better Call Saul” stands as a testament to character development and storytelling, seamlessly blending drama, ethical quandaries, and dark comedy. Its conclusion ties into “Breaking Bad,” yet the journey of Jimmy McGill remains a unique, standalone saga of transformation and the nuanced play of right and wrong.

What is Better Call Saul?
“Better Call Saul” is a masterful prequel to the iconic series “Breaking Bad,” chronicling the transformation of Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer struggling with his moral compass, into the flamboyant Saul Goodman. Set in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the show artfully intertwines legal drama with dark humor, exploring themes of ambition, ethics, and identity through its richly developed characters and intricate storytelling.


Better Call Saul Logo old

The logo is a vivid, attention-grabbing marque for the TV show “Better Call Saul.” Dominated by a rich red hue, it features bold, cursive lettering that exudes a sense of urgency and dynamism. The exclamation point adds a punch of enthusiasm and a hint of the dramatic flair characteristic of the show’s content. The letters possess a casual, almost hastily written style, suggesting a quick, decisive call to action. This typographic choice mirrors the show’s themes of swift legal maneuvering and the hectic pace of the protagonist’s life.

2015 – 2022

Better Call Saul Logo

The revamped “Better Call Saul” logo introduces vivid contrast and deeper meaning compared to the original. Its signature red script is now accented with a yellow, black-outlined scale of justice. This emblematic scale serves not just as ornamentation but as a nod to the show’s courtroom sagas. The scale’s playful tilt to the right suggests the show’s central theme of skewed morality. The unchanged height of the exclamation mark keeps the urgency intact, melding with new symbols. The yellow hue injects energy, standing out against red, hinting at caution and tension within the narrative. These colors and symbols combine to foreshadow the show’s gripping blend of law and questionable ethics. The design captures the essence of the series: bright but shadowed by the weight of justice.