Black Lives Matter Logo

Black Lives Matter (BLM for short) is a versatile movement without any one leader or key figurehead. Because of it, its goals and purposes may vary, although the police violence (especially against African Americans) is the main problem those associated with the movement are fighting against.

Meaning and History

BLM as a movement appeared in 2013, and in 2020 it became a nation-wide force for the Americans. However, the slogan (and the name, therefore) dates back to even the 60s – then, the sentiment that government doesn’t care about the black population was very popular. So, it’s just a popular phrase that fits the mood of the masses.

2013 – now (symbol)

Symbol Black Lives Matter

Because BLM is not really an organization, but a popular movement, there are no 100% accepted emblems and logotypes.
The one symbol most people use is the ‘black fist’ symbol. It’s a usual symbol for revolutionary or emancipation movement – a clenched raised fist. It’s simple, relevant and ready for use. It’s usually painted black with white outlines, although there is no standard design.

2013 – now (text)

Black Lives Matter Logo

The name is often put into text instead of an emblem. Again, the fonts and styles vary, although nowadays a lot of people use a simple strict type. The text is overwhelmingly put in uppercase, and it’s usually aligned left, while the words are written single-file in three lines.
The color can vary all the time, and the white on black is one of the more popular approaches.

Emblem and Symbol

Emblem Black Lives Matter

In addition to those three, one of the popular emblems for the movement is the likeness of late George Floyd, whose death in 2020 boosted the movement and is still a highly controversial topic all over the world. People usually pick his 2016 photo as a basis for depictions, although the style varies heavily.