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Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the most reputable consulting firms in the world, a member of the “Big Three” along with McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company. The company employs more than 6,000 professionals from all over the world.

Meaning and history

Boston Consulting Group Logo history

Today Boston Consulting Group, the company, founded by Bruce Henderson in 1963, is a leading strategy and management consultant to some of the largest and most influential organizations in the world.

The three leaders of the list of consulting companies have remained unchanged since its creation: McKinsey, BCG, and Bain&Company. Each company on the Big Three list has extensive experience in various industries, but it is possible to distinguish areas of specialization for each of them. McKinsey & Company specializes more than others in the public sector, logistics, infrastructure, technology, and healthcare, Bain & Company – finance, media, entertainment, and agriculture, Boston Consulting Group – retail, aviation, and public-private partnerships.

Every day Boston Consulting Group offers new ideas and finds opportunities to improve the work processes of its clients. They utilize the latest developments and BCG’s global knowledge base in a wide range of areas, from the specifics of regulatory requirements in particular markets to 5G technologies. The company is aimed not only at improving processes per se but also at transferring knowledge to clients and the professional development of their employees.

Boston Consulting Group has always been at the forefront of innovation, constantly developing new ideas and structures to help our clients stay at the forefront of their fields.

What is Boston Consulting Group?
Boston Consulting Group, or BCG, is the name of a leading international company specializing in management consulting. Company founder Bruce D. Henderson (1915-1992) is known as the author of the BCG Matrix marketing model of assortment evaluation and the New BCG Matrix business development model.

In terms of visual identity, Boston Consulting Group is pretty restrained, but its logo design meets all modern principles and trends, from the color chosen to the font of the main lettering.

1963 – 2018

Boston Consulting Group Logo 1963

The older version of the Boston Consulting Group logo was set in a medium-dark shade of green against a plain white background, creating a bright and eye-catching image, that evokes a sense of progress and prosperity. The composition of the badge was quite simple — with the enlarged emblem followed by delicate lettering in one line. The emblem of the consulting firm featured an elegant serif monogram, with the characters glued to each other and the serifs thin and long.

2018 – Today

Boston Consulting Group Logo

After the redesign of 2018, the color palette became the only element of the BCG visual identity, which was left unchanged. The monogram was redrawn in a sleek geometric sans-serif typeface, with the diagonal cuts of the “C” and “G” bars, which make the image sharp and progressive. As for the main lettering, now it’s written in three levels, with the use of a medium-weight full-shaped sans-serif font for its capital letters.

Font and color

Boston Consulting Group Emblem

The distinctive uppercase lettering from the primary logo of Boston Consulting Group is set in a modern sans-serif typeface, which looks pretty similar to such commercial fonts as Freud or Avenirreg Next World, with some minor modifications.

As for the color palette of the Boston Consulting Group’s visual identity, it is a combination of green and white, and besides being bright and memorable, this mix has also several additional meanings. First of all, green is a color of growth. Secondly, it means wealth and prosperity. As for the white, it represents transparency, reliability, and confidence.