CBS Logo

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CBS is an American broadcasting network, founded in 1927. It bases in New York, at the CBS Broadcast Center. Most facilities are located there, anyhow. The company focuses primarily on TV and radio. The first appearance on television by the company was done in 1941.

Meaning and History

CBS Logo history

Before 1974, when the name CBS was adopted, the company used another one – Columbian Broadcasting System. The company got this name according to the name of its investor – Columbia Phonograph Company, which helped the fledging network in the very start.

1941 – 1951

CBS Logo-1941

The initial logotype of the company represented the abbreviation of its name, made in the simple typeface, without any other features.

1947 – 1951

CBS Logo 1947

A few years later, the company introduced their second logotype. It was the volumetric inscription ‘CBS’, placed over some wall. There was also the searchlight on the inscription.

1951 – Today

CBS Logo

In 1951 they introduced the longest-enduring logo yet. It has the minimalistic and simple eye, which stares at you, and the background. They are both made in the black and white palette.

Emblem and Symbol

CBS Emblem

CSB has a secondary emblem often used to identify the corporation and its brand. It’s a circle shape with an eye in its middle. The message behind it is simple – eye represents the process of watching whatever CSB has to offer on the telly. Of course, it doesn’t account for radio, but no one really listens to that anymore.