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Chanel is an international fashion house focused on designing and producing high-quality clothes, fancy goods and accessories, founded by Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel (French designer and businesswoman) in 1909. Currently operating by Wertheimer brothers, the company had spread its products into various countries across the globe.

Meaning and History

The iconic logo that the brand uses for over a hundred years does not have an exact history of its origin.

Some versions say that the symbol was derived from the items that belonged to Katherine Medici, while others say that the idea for the emblem was gained in the Château Crémat fortress and that the symbol is much older than it’s commonly believed.

There isn’t an acknowledged version of the meaning as well. Some people say that the logo reflects the Gabrielle’s values such as simplicity, clearness and convenience while others hold that Coco Chanel had just used her initials for the brand’s logo. However, the emblem approved its test of time to be in use for quite a lot of time.

1910 – Today

Chanel Logo

Chanel’s logo introduced in 1910 represents two black letters ‘C’, faced one to the right and crossing another one turned to the left side, thereby appearing the oval standing as the ‘Heart’ of the entire signature.
This combining of the two symbols make the size proportion and balance in the whole logo, as well as causing minimalism and simplicity in the emblem.
The black and capitalized inscription with the unconnected letters was written in the classic straight sans-serif style with a little feature that the tails of the letter ‘E’ as well as its bottom line has the different length.

Emblem and Symbol

Symbol Chanel

In the company’s early going the logo was printed only for the flagons of the company’s perfumes, but soon after, in the year 1926, the fashion house began to cover all of its collection of luxury goods and clothes with the well recognizable emblem of twin ‘C’.
As well as Chanel’s competitors Louis Vuitton, Gucci and others, the company is one of the most counterfeited in the world. Beginning from 1990’s, all original Chanel’s products are marked and numbered.