Chrome Logo

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Chrome is the number one cross-platform Internet browser developed and operated by Google Corporation. Due to its simplicity and availability, Chrome has been adopted by the public all over the world. It unites over 2.5 billion users that make millions of searches every day.

Meaning and History

Chrome Logo history

2008 – 2011

Chrome Logo 2008

The first Chrome logo was the ball with three parts of green, red and yellow colors and the blue circle in the center. These colors were likely used to make a reference to the Google company color palette and link the browser with the Google family of brands. Anyway, this multicolor palette served well for the browser in the start, so it stayed.

2011 – 2014

Chrome Logo 2011

The following Chrome logo had generally the same look, but this time it was flattened into 2D. The Chrome ball became a circle, and the circle part in the middle (which enjoyed a lot of shading in this version) now was framed by a white ring.

2014 – today

Chrome Logo

The 2014 Chrome circle has all the same features as the 2011 version, except for a few changes. Notably, the colors became paler, while the blue part also lost all of its shading.