Samsung Smart TV Logo

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Samsung Electronics developed the Samsung Smart TV. The creation took place in South Korea. This device serves as a hub for viewing content, internet browsing, and using interactive media. Its technology integrates internet capabilities with traditional television features, enhancing user experience with access to apps, streaming services, and more.

Meaning and history

Samsung Smart TV Logo history

Samsung launched its first Smart TV in 2008, marking a significant shift in television technology. The innovation introduced viewers to integrated internet functions and apps directly on their TV screens. In 2010, Samsung developed the first app store for TVs, expanding functionality. By 2015, the brand had embraced the Tizen operating system, enhancing interface fluidity and app availability. Samsung continues to innovate in this area, integrating AI and voice control features to redefine the user experience.

What is Samsung Smart TV?
A Samsung Smart TV is a digital television equipped with internet connectivity and integrated software that allows for streaming, browsing, and more. It offers a user-friendly interface and access to a wide array of applications. The TV combines conventional television functions with interactive features, elevating the standard viewing experience.

2009 – 2011

Samsung InternetTV Logo 2009

The logo showcases a stylized depiction of three-dimensional cubes arranged to suggest depth, leading to a flat screen silhouette. It bears the name “Internet@TV” in a sleek, modern font, emphasizing its digital nature. Below the cubes, “Content Service” signals the function, offering users a gateway to diverse media. The overall design conveys a blend of technology and accessibility, with a black backdrop that adds a touch of sophistication.

2011 – 2016

Samsung Smart TV Logo 2011

This logo transitions from a monochrome palette to a prism of vibrant colors. “Samsung” precedes the focal point, a hexagonal crystal symbolizing clarity and innovation. The crystal refracts light into a spectrum, mirroring diverse media facets available on Smart TVs. The word “SMART TV” completes the logo in bold, confident lettering, signifying the intelligent features of the device. This evolution reflects a leap towards a dynamic, user-centric viewing experience.

2016 – 2018

Samsung Smart TV Logo 2016

Stripped to its essence, the logo now spotlights the term “SMART TV” in stark, boldface typography. Absent are any graphics or color, presenting a minimalist approach that speaks to modernity and sleek design. This iteration emphasizes the ‘smart’ aspect, aligning with a streamlined, sophisticated product identity. The simplicity of the design could reflect an established confidence in the brand’s recognition and the smart TV’s place in contemporary homes.

2018 – Today

Samsung Smart TV Logo

The logo now introduces “Powered by TIZEN™” beneath the bold “Smart TV”, signaling the software at its core. The addition of “Powered by TIZEN™” acknowledges the operating system that enhances the TV’s functionality. This evolution underscores the technological underpinnings that enable the smart features of the TV, highlighting the partnership between hardware and software. It’s a nod towards the seamless integration of Tizen’s ecosystem with the hardware, suggesting advanced features and a robust platform for users.