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ServiceNow offers innovative software-as-a-service (SaaS) for IT management based on IT service automation, resource management, and collaboration processes. This means that their product is accessed through the internet by subscription, which includes all applications, hosting, technical support, and automatic platform updates. Modern technologies and highly qualified specialists allow the company to grow rapidly and achieve great success in its field.

Meaning and History

ServiceNow Logo history

ServiceNow was founded in 2003 by Fred Luddy, former CTO of Peregrine Systems which went bankrupt in 2002, and his brother Rob. ServiceNow rewrote all the outdated Peregrine Systems software and hosted it on their own servers. It was an innovative breakthrough as the provision of Software as a Service was just appearing. Despite the patent wars with BMC and HP, ServiceNow succeeded, in 2005 official sales of applications began around the world. Among other events, it is worth noting an integration of its system with Slack corporate messenger in 2017. In 2020, ServiceNow acquired Loom Systems, an Israeli startup that specializes in AIOps.

What is ServiceNow?
ServiceNow is a platform for helpdesk automation project management, IT service desk management, customer service management, and more. The original concept of ServiceNow was to establish a new way to provide a service to a client. It is mainly trying to digitize the service process, but it is rapidly expanding into IT infrastructure management.

2003 – 2018

ServiceNow Logo 2003

The name of the company was printed in all lowercase letters. Although there was no space between the words, they were separated by the color and thickness of the letters. The first half was done in dark gray, while the second was a bold red, stressing the fact that all the services are available instantly online. The company went for a simple, clean, sans-serif font. A unique feature of this font was the letter “o”, which was stylized as the power button.

2018 – Today

ServiceNow Logo

The whole inscription now featured the same color and style of lettering. It was a very dark green that appeared almost black. As in the original, the “o” was made special. This time, it was a light, soft green color and the bottom had a clean, rounded cutout that resembled a bite.

Font and Color

ServiceNow Emblem

A gray and red color palette has stayed with the company for 15 years. It represented modern technology and leadership that were integral elements of the new company. Later, it was replaced by more muted, solid color choices. These were two different shades of green, which made the company look more sophisticated and hinted at its desire to be environmentally friendly. Although there were no bold colors in the second version, the new font had sharp terminals and ascenders instead of the more rounded ones in the original inscription. Otherwise, both inscriptions use very similar basic, sans-serif typefaces.