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Columbia Sportswear is an American company that specializes in outdoor apparel, footwear, and gear. Paul Lamfrom founded the company in 1938. The company began its journey in Portland, Oregon. Initially, it was set up to manufacture and distribute hats. Over time, it expanded into a wide range of outdoor products. These products are designed to offer comfort and protection in various outdoor activities.

Meaning and History

Columbia Logo history

Columbia Sportswear was established in 1938 by Paul Lamfrom when he fled Nazi Germany. The company was initially named Columbia Hat Company, reflecting its early focus on hat production. It was only in 1960, under the leadership of Gert Boyle, Paul’s daughter, that Columbia Hat Company transitioned into Columbia Sportswear Company. This shift marked Columbia’s expansion into a broader array of outdoor clothing and gear. Key dates include 1970, when the company pioneered a waterproof jacket line, and 1986, when Columbia introduced the breakthrough “Bugaboo” ski jacket, integrating a removable inner fleece. In 2001, Columbia launched the innovative “Omni-Shade” technology, enhancing sun protection. These milestones have solidified Columbia’s reputation in outdoor apparel and technology innovation.

What is Columbia?
Columbia is a renowned brand in the outdoor clothing industry. It provides innovative apparel, footwear, and accessories for a variety of outdoor activities. Columbia products are celebrated for their durability, comfort, and protection against the elements. The brand is a staple for outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

1990 – Today

Columbia Logo 1990

The logo features a graphical emblem composed of four stacked blocks on the left. Shading gives the blocks dimensionality. Beside the emblem, “Columbia” stands in bold serif letters, asserting a classic, sturdy style. “Sportswear Company” appears underneath in a plain, slim sans-serif, providing a direct contrast. A monochromatic palette boosts the logo’s ageless quality.

2011 – Today

Columbia Logo

The company streamlines its logo in this version. The iconic blocks stay. “Columbia” emerges in a sans-serif font, shedding its serifs for a sleek, modern look that breathes simplicity and efficiency. This typographic turn mirrors a modern aesthetic. Stripping away “Sportswear Company”, the design sharpens its focus on the brand name, suggesting a more entrenched identity. The enduring black hue of the elements upholds a timeless and adaptable allure.