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The DILG is a Philippine government agency overseeing local governments and public safety. Established by the Philippine government, it is integral to the nation’s administrative framework. Located in the Philippines, it orchestrates local governance and ensures community peace and order. Its creation underlines the state’s commitment to bring government services closer to the people.

Meaning and history

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) was founded to fortify local governance in the Philippines. It emerged from the Interior Department, originally established on March 22, 1897. Through the years, DILG evolved, integrating public safety and local government. Notable dates include the absorption of the Philippine National Police in 1991, ensuring the department’s role in public safety. In the 2000s, DILG expanded its mandate to bolster local governance, empowering local government units.

What is DILG?
The DILG is a Philippine governmental body managing local administration and the police. It champions effective governance and the enforcement of laws at the local level. As a key player in national administration, it fosters community development and internal order.

1897 – Today


The logo displays a circular form, with a bold ‘DILG’ at the center in black. Surrounding the acronym is an intricate pattern, reminiscent of traditional Filipino designs, in red and white. A golden yellow outline frames the circle, stating the full name of the institution. Inside, an orange map of the Philippines serves as the backdrop. The entire emblem bears the colors of the national flag, symbolizing patriotism and service. This seal represents the Department of the Interior and Local Government of the Philippines, anchoring the organization’s identity in national pride and governance.