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Dollar Tree is a brand of fixed price stores operating throughout USA. These stores are well-known for offering groceries or other goods for cheap price. Most cost just 1 USD, although some products are more expensive than that. Currently, the brand operates only in North America.

Meaning and History

Dollar Tree Logo history

Dollar Tree is an American discount retail company founded by K.R. Perry and Macon F. Brock Jr. in 1986. It has grown significantly over the years and has become a prominent player in the industry. With its focus on providing low-cost products, Dollar Tree has achieved several milestones. It acquired Family Dollar in 2015, expanding its reach and customer base. In 2019, the company celebrated the opening of its 15,000th store, further solidifying its position in the market. Currently, Dollar Tree continues to thrive as one of the largest discount retailers in the United States, offering a wide range of products at affordable prices. Its commitment to value and convenience has contributed to its ongoing success and popularity among consumers.

What is Dollar Tree?
Dollar Tree is an American discount variety store chain that sells items for $1 or less. It offers a wide range of products including household goods, groceries, party supplies, and more. Dollar Tree operates thousands of stores across the United States and Canada.

1986 – 1991

Dollar Tree Logo 1986

Dollar Tree didn’t really have a logo in the first few years of their existence. Back then, they used neon signs as decoration for their stores. These typically said ‘Only $1.00’ in a combination of bright red and green. This was the brand’s name at the time, and it’s still used occasionally.

1991 – 2006

Dollar Tree Logo 1991

In 1991, Dollar Tree released their first official emblem, paired with the name writing. The emblem featured a black ‘1’ topped with green lines of two shades. These make up an incomplete circle that resembles tree foliage (but also represents money). Below, the designers put the company name in black uneven letters, both lower- and uppercase.

2006 – Today

Dollar Tree Logo

By 2006, they replaced the black writing with a green one. The font also changed – it was now a collection of rather plain sans-serif letters painted green. They were also all capital and tilted to the right.