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EA7 represents a dynamic fusion of fashion and sport. The mind behind this innovative concept is none other than the renowned Italian designer Giorgio Armani. Its roots trace back to the vibrant city of Milan, Italy. The brand’s creation aimed to blend high fashion with the functional demands of sportswear. This unique approach ensures that athletes and sports enthusiasts don’t compromise on style while engaging in their activities.

Meaning and history

Giorgio Armani introduced EA7 in 2004, marking a pivotal moment in the world of fashion and sport. “EA” signifies Emporio Armani, underscoring its alliance with the esteemed fashion empire. The “7” draws inspiration from Andriy Shevchenko’s jersey, the Ukrainian football maestro and companion of Armani, famous for his tenure at A.C. Milan. This combination underscores the brand’s sports-inspired ethos. Over the years, EA7 has expanded its footprint globally, consistently introducing innovative designs that cater to the modern athlete’s lifestyle. Its journey reflects a commitment to excellence, blending style with performance seamlessly.

What is EA7?
EA7 emerges as a blend of elegance and athletic performance. It’s a lifestyle brand that caters to those who lead an active life yet appreciate the finesse of high fashion. The collections are known for their quality, style, and functionality, making EA7 a preferred choice among athletes and fashion enthusiasts alike.

2012 – Today

EA7 Logo

The logo presents a bold statement with its strong, block letters “EA” denoting the Emporio Armani brand. Below, the number “7” is rendered with an ascending series of horizontal lines, creating a sense of motion and progression. Anchoring the design, the iconic Emporio Armani eagle spreads its wings, embodying elegance and power. The words “EMPORIO ARMANI” sit beneath, in a sophisticated, serif font, asserting the logo’s high-fashion heritage. This emblem merges style with a sporty essence, encapsulating the brand’s luxury sportswear identity.