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Ellesse is a renowned sportswear brand, originally Italian, known for its fashionable athletic apparel. Currently, Ellesse focuses on producing stylish sportswear and casual clothing, blending functional athletic designs with contemporary fashion trends. The brand has gained popularity in various global markets, particularly in Europe and Asia. Ellesse is owned by British sports and fashion retail company Pentland Group. Ellesse’s unique fusion of sport and style keeps it at the forefront of the athleisure industry.

Meaning and history

Ellesse Logo history

Ellesse, founded in 1959 in Italy by Leonardo Servadio, started as a skiwear brand. Its name, derived from Servadio’s initials, L.S., signified a personal touch. The brand quickly gained fame for stylish, high-quality ski apparel.

In the 1970s, Ellesse expanded into tennis, making a mark with its bold, colorful designs. It became iconic for its “half-ball” logo, symbolizing the cross-section of a tennis ball and ski tip. The 1980s saw Ellesse embraced in the casuals and hip-hop scenes, enhancing its fashion status. By the 1990s, Ellesse’s popularity dipped, overshadowed by emerging sportswear giants. However, the 2000s brought a resurgence, focusing on heritage and retro styles. British Pentland Group acquired Ellesse in 1994, furthering its global expansion.

Ellesse enjoys renewed popularity, blending sportswear with street fashion. Its legacy continues, celebrated for pioneering sportswear as fashion statements.

What is Ellesse?
Ellesse is an iconic sportswear brand, renowned for its fusion of athletic functionality and bold fashion aesthetics. Originating from Italy, it has carved a unique niche in the fashion world by blending sports with style, making it a favorite in both athletic and casual wear markets.

1959 – 1968

Ellesse Logo 1959

The logo presents a bold monogram design, intertwining the initials “L” and “S” in a clever, symmetrical fashion. The typeface is strong and distinctive, giving a nod to classical Italian craftsmanship. “Leonardo Servadio” is prominently displayed, honoring the founder, with “Prodotto Italiano” and “di fine artigianato sartoriale” suggesting Italian-made and fine tailoring. The text “Creazione Commercio Tessuti Pregiati” implies a focus on creating and trading in fine fabrics. The logo’s vintage feel evokes a sense of tradition and quality.

1968 – 1975

Ellesse Logo 1968

This logo represents a stylized evolution from the previous design, focusing on the brand name “ellesse” in lowercase. It features creative, playful letterforms with a textured, hand-drawn quality, emphasizing uniqueness and approachability. The ‘e’ and ‘s’ characters sport peculiar, curved tails, while the ‘l’s show a textured, vertical emphasis, showcasing a blend of artistic flair and sporty dynamism. The overall look deviates from the formality of the prior monogram, adopting a more relaxed and modern vibe that resonates with a broad audience.

1975 – 2006

Ellesse Logo 1975

In this logo, Ellesse adopts a more refined and professional look. The text is sleek, with a deep navy hue, conveying sophistication. Above, a half-ball motif, bisected by ski tips, showcases the brand’s dual focus on tennis and skiing. This emblem, in a vibrant orange and red palette, injects energy and is instantly recognizable. The inclusion of the registered trademark symbol signifies the brand’s established status. This evolution reflects a move towards a more global, commercial identity while retaining its sporty essence.

2006 – 2010

Ellesse Logo 2006

This rendition of the logo retains the iconic half-ball emblem but introduces a cooler, slate gray to the “ellesse” text, suggesting modernity and versatility. Below, “ITALIA” is added, reaffirming the brand’s proud Italian heritage. The font appears more rounded and less pronounced, giving a softer, more accessible feel. The registered trademark symbol remains, underscoring the brand’s continued authenticity and recognition in the marketplace. Overall, this logo balances heritage with a refreshed, contemporary appeal.

2010 – 2020

Ellesse Logo 2010

The latest logo iteration discards “ITALIA” from the design, presenting a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. The “ellesse” typeface remains in the same understated gray, but its positioning is more centralized, creating a balanced aesthetic. The iconic orange and red half-ball emblem continues to sit above, a little larger now, enhancing the logo’s visual impact. This simplified design echoes contemporary trends, favoring minimalism and focus on the brand’s recognizable symbol. The overall effect is a sleek, modern logo with a nod to its heritage.

2020 – Today

Ellesse Logo

Reverting to a previous design, this logo brings back the blue “ellesse” text, paired again with the distinct half-ball emblem. The logo’s return to a darker shade of blue for the lettering suggests a reconnection with its classic identity. The emblem remains prominent, maintaining the brand’s legacy in tennis and skiing. This version forgoes additional text, allowing the simplicity and strength of the core brand elements to stand out. This re-emphasizes the timeless aspect of the brand in a cyclical nod to its history.