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Entertainment One is a global entertainment company. It was founded in Canada. The creators started it to develop, acquire, and distribute multimedia content. This company focuses on film and television content creation, aiming to reach a wide audience.

Meaning and history

Entertainment One Logo history

Entertainment One began in 1973, originally as a music distributor. Over the years, it expanded into a broader media group. In 2007, it publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange, marking a significant shift towards becoming a global media powerhouse. Entertainment One also made key acquisitions to boost its presence in family programming, notably purchasing the popular children’s brand, Peppa Pig, in 2015. This strategy propelled them into new markets and broadened their audience reach. As of 2019, Hasbro acquired Entertainment One, integrating it into its portfolio of entertainment properties.

What is Entertainment One?
Entertainment One is a company specializing in the development, acquisition, and distribution of entertainment content. They handle a diverse range of film and TV content, catering to various audiences globally. The company is recognized for its influential role in the media industry.

1970 – 1980

Records on Wheels Logo 1970

The logo portrays a stylized vinyl record as a vehicle, complete with wheels. Bold, edgy letters spell “ON WHEELS” across the record’s center. A star punctuates the design, suggesting dynamism and excitement. The artwork embodies a retro vibe, nodding to classic rock and roll spirit. Black contours create a striking contrast, emphasizing a mobile music theme.

1980 – 2005

ROW Entertainment Logo 1980

The updated logo shifts to a more streamlined design with bold red letters “R O W” at the forefront. This acronym stands prominently against a white backdrop. Below, “MUSIC AND VIDEO” is inscribed in a playful, casual font, emphasizing the brand’s expansion beyond just music. The graphic elements are minimized, focusing on the text, reflecting a modern, straightforward brand evolution. The design suggests a fusion of audio and visual entertainment.

2005 – 2009

Entertainment One Logo 2005

The evolution brings a sleek, modern aesthetic to the forefront. The big red “1” is in the center of the gray “E”. The company name, “Entertainment One”, flanks the symbol in a clean, sans-serif font. The design communicates a contemporary, polished brand image, reflecting a more corporate and global identity. The color scheme is minimalistic, utilizing red for impact and gray for professionalism.

2009 – 2010

E1 Entertainment Logo 2009

The logo transforms into a dynamic three-dimensional monolith. “E1” boldly emerges in white against a striking gradient of blue rays, suggesting energy and innovation. “ENTERTAINMENT” anchors the design in a solid, understated font below. The interplay of light and shadow imparts depth, contrasting the previous logo’s flatness. This design exudes a futuristic and expansive feel, reflective of a brand looking forward.

2010 – 2015

Entertainment One Logo 2010

This rendition of the logo opts for simplicity and clarity. The “e” and “one” nest comfortably inside a blue rectangular backdrop, signaling accessibility and familiarity. “entertainmentone” is spelled out in lowercase beneath, giving a sense of approachability and cohesion. The design discards complexity for a straightforward, friendly image, leveraging whitespace effectively to enhance legibility. This logo embodies a modern, digital-ready brand.

2015 – Today

Entertainment One Logo

In this latest iteration, the logo adopts a continuous, unified typeface. “entertainment” and “One” seamlessly join, with “One” encased in a blue rectangle. The design exudes simplicity, reflecting a modern, digital-first brand identity. The uniformity in color and form speaks to a cohesive and streamlined brand strategy. Gone are any divisions, presenting a single, fluid entity that underscores the company’s integrated approach to entertainment.