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What is ESPN Logo

ESPN is a major American entertainment TV channel. They first aired in 1979, and their focus was ever since on sports. They are many Americans’ prime choice when it comes to watching big league matches, such as NFL, MLB, NBA, and so forth. The abbreviation stands for ‘Entertainment & Sports Programming Network’.

Meaning and History

ESPN Logo history

1979 – 1985

ESPN Logo 1979

The 1979 logo is a plain emblem showcasing the channel’s abbreviation (‘ESPN’) written in capital red letters. The font is a rather basic sans-serif style with few angles and other aggressive forms. The red letters are then encircled by a dim orange oval.

1985 – Today


In 1985 they changed the logo to a more futuristic bright red writing. It was still an acronym, but with wide, large geometric shapes. They also added a continuous line of blank space through the top half of these letters. It looks as if the top horizontal ‘caps’ are just floating above the rest of the logo.