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ESPNews, as it might be obvious, is part of the ESPN American cable sports television channel. The latter stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. ABC Inc., which is owned by the Walt Disney Company, holds 80% of the ESPN shares. ESPNews is the sports news and highlights the broadcasting branch of the channel, although it is not limited to just news. Although it was quite a popular sports news channel, ESPNews along with the other branches of ESPN are starting to lose the numbers of cable subscribers. At the same time, an increase in the number of subscribers to streaming services was recorded. The Walt Disney Company is working hard to make its programs more interesting, which might get more people subscribing to ESPNews.

Meaning and History

The channel was created in 1996 as an expansion of the ESPN channel in the United States. Since 2010, the network has gradually added encores of various ESPN debates and variety shows as well as ESPN Radio video simulcasts to the sports news program. ESPN is currently one of the minor sports news networks in the United States. A relatively recent long-term agreement between Walt Disney Company, ESPN, and the National Hockey League marked a truly historic and groundbreaking deal on television, streaming, and media rights starting in the 2021-22 season. This agreement allows the NHL to continue its presence on the Disney and ESPN platforms.

What is ESPNews?
ESPNews is an American news channel owned by ESPN. Like the parent channel, ESPNews is mostly sports-oriented, although its portfolio mostly includes news programs broadcast 24/7. ESPNews aired many different programs throughout its history, such as SportsCenter, Around the Horn, Mike and Mike in the Morning, Highlight Express, and others.

1996 – today

ESPNews Logo

ESPNews logo was based on the ESPN emblem, which is a big red wordmark with a slightly futuristic approach. Their subsidiary just added three more letters in the same style to the composition. It reads ‘ESPNEWS’. The letters are all uppercase and closely spaced, with some letters even being interconnected. They have straight lines predominantly although some rounded corners add interesting detail. A white line crosses the name right under the top horizontal line of the letters “E” and “S” and through the center of the letter “P”. Other than a stylized name of the channel, the logo did not have any images or other elements.

Font and Color

The font and color of the logo had stayed unchanged throughout the many years the ESPNews has existed. This has allowed the channel to stay not only recognizable but also in line with the image of the parent company. The bright red color used for the letters is very appropriate for a channel that brings news on the sports topic as it is a color of energy, courage, excitement, passion, and action. This effect is further enhanced by bold letters that barely have any spacing between them. The font combines straight, clean lines and ends with curved corners of the letters S, P, and N for a unique look. All the letters are slightly italicized.