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FBI, aka Federal Bureau of Investigation is a top American intelligence and counter-intelligence agency. Nowadays its tasks revolve more around security, but in the preceding years they have been primarily known for countless efforts aimed at battling the communism worldwide.

Meaning and History

The history of this agency starts at 1933, when FBI was finalized and given its current name. However, there were many predecessors that date back to the beginning of the 20th century. One of them – the Bureau of Investigations – was the basis on which FBI was formed, alongside several smaller, similar agencies.

1941 – today

FBI Logo

FBI never really had a logo, but they did have (and still do) a federal seal. It’s a marvelous blue circle with a double golden ring inlay close to the exterior, rich imagery in the middle, as well as a layer of golden rims that make it look like a medal of sorts.

In the center was a shield featuring stripes of red and white, as well as the scales (the symbol of justice). Beneath it was a triple white ribbon with the words ‘Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity’ inscribed on it as a kind of motto. There were also two green laurel wreaths sprouting upwards from it.

The imagery was surrounded by 13 golden stars, and they were in turn surrounded by the writing carefully put inside that double inlay mentioned earlier. The writing was simply relaying the name and branch of government this agency belongs to. The upper part featured ‘Department of Justice’ in white, and the bottom had the full name.

Emblem and Symbol

FBI Emblem

Apart from this seal emblem, FBI also has a flag that features the same imagery placed in the middle of a blue rectangular canvas. They usually fly it at the facilities that belong to the agency, alongside the American flag. Alternatively, this flag is often set up whenever a high-ranking employee has an official visit.