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What is Friends Logo

‘Friends’ is one of the most celebrated American TV shows. In terms of genre, it was largely a sitcom with some drama throughout the series, and it was one of the first modern shows of this kind. Many of the later shows from all over the world have been inspired by ‘Friends’ in some capacity.

Meaning and History

Friends Logo History

The name isn’t derived from any deeper context. The show has started in 1994, and almost all of the episodes have revolved around interactions between the close friends, as well as comedic situations that arose from it. This concept is simple, and yet it lasted for about 10 years (and 10 seasons, respectively).

1994 – 2004

Friends Logo 1994

For 10 years while the series aired, this logo was the one and only used to identify the brand. It’s a word ‘Friends’ written in a clumsy with wide strokes and odd proportions. The generic color for the letters was black, although the intro of the show, for instance, used white.
There were also dots of the same size put inside the intervals between the characters. They were painted different colors: red, blue, yellow, red, yellow, blue – yes, they broke the order for some reason.

2019 – 2021

Friends Logo

In 2019, Warner Bros. decided to negotiate a ‘Reunion’ – a 104-min long episode that was released in May 2021. Basically, they decided to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the show this way, and it called for a small logo overhaul.
They took the previous design and made some changes. The letters became thinner and more orderly. At the same time, the color pattern of the dots was also changed for the better (they swapped the 2 and 3 ones).
Lastly, they put an illustration of a posh portrait right above the text. It’s very minimalistic – the frame is only depicted by a few wavy black lines with some yellow glow. And in the place of the picture, they put a picture that said ’25 years’ in two lines, with ‘25’ being written in big red digits.

Emblem and Symbol


Symbol Friends

Another version of the Reunion logo is the usual ‘Friends’ name with a yellow smudge below it and the text that said ‘The Reunion’ on it. The only difference they made here is the dark blue color instead of the azure on some dots. This style appears on some posters for the Reunion, for instance.