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Hellfire Club is a fictional teenage society in the universe of the Stranger Things series, developed in 2017 by the Duffer Brothers in partnership with Netflix. It is a Dungeons & Dragons-oriented club of eight Hawking City High School students led by Eddie Munson. According to him, the club searches its members from the school’s outsiders and grants them defense in return for loyalty. The band’s players wear white shirts with extended black sleeves decorated with the club’s wordmark and logotype at the center.

Meaning and history

The title ‘Hellfire Club’ has several meanings, each deriving from silent societies. At first, the extra-wealthy British liberals of the 1700s united in so-called Hellfire Clubs, where they discussed political ideas and concepts too radical and dangerous at the time. Club members could be engaged in poetry, philosophy, and, according to people’s gossips, in satanic adoration and rituals. This idea is less likely to direct to the show’s club, but it still has a connotation: in Stranger Things, the club’s teens are falsely accused of satanic worship and murders around the Hawkings High school. The second meaning originates from a bunch of influential mutants fighting the X-men in the Marvel Comic Series. Probably, Eddie Munson took the club name from these comic books.

What is Hellfire Club?
Hellfire Club is a fictional D&D society in the Stranger Things show. It includes eight teenagers-students from Hawking High School in Indiana state. The members of this club play an important role in the show’s plot. Following a series of murders in the city, the club is wrongly accused of satanic rituals and murders by some local basketball players. After this, further events go on.

1986 – today

Hellfire Club Logo

The club’s logotype depicts a devil’s face with the mouth wide open. It displays long and sharp white teeth. The devil’s ears look like wings with diaphragms. Finally, the devil has horns as long as his own head. Above the devil, they drew the club’s name in a custom typeface where the letter ‘i’ looks like a torch or a pillar with a fire at the top. To the left, there is a fiery sword and a d4 cube above it. Respectively, the designers put a spiked mace and a d20 upper it.


Hellfire Club Symbol

The devil’s head has red skin, yellow ears, and white horns, as it should be. Otherwise, the logo is black and white except for a red fire coming from the sword.


Hellfire Club Emblem

The typeface of the name has bold serif capitals with wide intervals separating each character. All letters have wavy lines, reminding of flame tongues.