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IDBI Bank, established by an Act of Parliament, is a significant development finance institution in India. Originally formed to provide credit and financial facilities for the industrial sector, it has evolved into a full-service commercial bank. Over the years, IDBI Bank has played a pivotal role in the nation’s economic development, offering a wide range of products and services to its customers. It was created to bolster the industrial growth of India and has been instrumental in the progress of India’s financial sector.

Meaning and history

IDBI Bank was founded in 1964 by an Act of Indian Parliament. Initially, it was a development finance institution. Its primary aim was to support India’s industrial growth. Over time, IDBI evolved into a full-service commercial bank. This transformation occurred under the IDBI Act 2003. In its early years, IDBI played a key role in developing India’s capital market. It was instrumental in establishing several financial institutions, like SEBI and NSE. Post-2004, IDBI Bank expanded rapidly, opening numerous branches. It offered a wide range of products, catering to diverse financial needs. IDBI Bank merged with its commercial banking subsidiary in 2005. This move was to streamline operations and improve services. In 2019, LIC of India acquired a majority stake in IDBI Bank. This acquisition was a significant step in the bank’s history.

IDBI Bank is a major player in India’s banking sector, continuing its legacy of contributing to economic growth.

What is IDBI Bank?
IDBI Bank, established as part of an Indian parliamentary act in 1964, originally served as a development finance institution. It has since transformed into a comprehensive commercial bank, playing a crucial role in advancing India’s financial sector and supporting industrial growth.

1964 – Today

IDBI Bank Logo

The IDBI Bank logo showcases a green backdrop with the bank’s acronym in stark white capital letters. At its heart is an orange motif resembling a blossoming flower, symbolizing growth and vitality. The flower’s symmetry suggests balance and stability, core values of the financial institution. The green hue conveys prosperity and harmony, while the white text reflects clarity and trust. Together, these elements form a logo that speaks to the bank’s commitment to fostering financial growth and customer trust.