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Kansas City Chiefs is a professional American football team from Kansas City in Missouri. They are part of the official NFL competitions, and are very popular in the central parts of the US. They have one of the most loyal fanbases among all teams, and people who frequent their matches in Missouri and neighbor states are called ‘Chiefs Kingdom’.

Kansas City Chiefs were originally created in 1960 as Dallas Texans. In 1963, they moved to Kansas City and promptly changed the name to Chiefs, adopting a fearsome Native American warrior as their mascot. They compete as part of the NFL, as well as the West Division of AFC.
The team went strong from the start, winning several AFL cups in ’62, ’66 and ’69. In 1970, they joined NFL and went on to win 3 more cups, as well as reach the runner-up position 2 times. This puts them squarely between the top half and bottom half teams on the roster.
The team had a huge win in ’70, followed by the period of dormancy. They didn’t really climb high until the 90s, when sizeable improvements were made under leadership of coach Schottenheimer. They still didn’t reach high places until the Super Bowl of 2019, and then in 2022.
The latest successes are due in part to the contemporary coach Andy Reid, who led the team to two victories after the streak of multiple losses. They are currently regarded as among the most promising teams in the NFL.
They are immensely popular, and their fan community is among the strongest in the country. They don’t hold sway in any one state, but in a large area of Central US, including Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Meaning and History

Kansas City Chiefs Logo history

The team became Kansas City Chiefs in 1963, when the team moved here from Texas. Since 1959 and until then, they were known as Dallas Texans. The choice of ‘Chiefs’ wasn’t too unique. Missouri and surrounding states were home to numerous Indian tribes, and that was the sole inspiration.

1960 – 1962

Kansas City Chiefs Logo 1960

Back when the team was known as ‘Texans’, they had a logo that depicted a stereotypical cowboy prancing about and holding a gun in his right hand and a football in his left. Behind him was a map of Texas, colored red (which was the team color even then).

1963 – 1971

Kansas City Chiefs 1963

Interestingly, the layout persisted even when the name was changed to ‘Chiefs’ in 1963. However, the cowboy was replaced with an Indian chief. He was only dressed in a red loincloth, red boots and a thick yellow bundle of feathers as headwear. Additionally, he also held a red axe instead of a revolver, although the football stayed – now also red.

Instead of the red Texas silhouette, however, they opted for a collection of states – namely, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma. They are core regions of the team, and most fans live here.

1972 – today

Kansas City Chiefs Logo

By 1972, the design changed entirely. It was now a rough black outline of an arrowhead (usually associated with the Native Americans in the US) with white space inside. In the middle of this white space were two red, intertwined letters, K and C – for ‘Kansas City’. The ‘Chiefs’ part is sometimes added in yellow below the main emblem.

Emblem and Symbol

The lettering this team uses for branding on occasions is just a collection of red, plain letters. They are slightly tilted to the right, but otherwise don’t have anything particularly unique to them. Most teams use a blocky college font, but Chiefs didn’t really bother. These letters are soft and bold, and that’s it.


Kansas City Chiefs Helmet

The contemporary helmets of the Chiefs utilize the color palette of red and white. The red is used to cover almost the entirety of their headwear, including the hard shell itself. The white is used in the faceguard, as well as in the insignia of the team on the sides of the helmet.
The latter is simply their main logotype – the white arrowhead with team’s acronym in red letters. There is also some black in it, used for the outline.


Kansas City Chiefs Uniform

Their uniforms mostly utilize the different combinations of red and white, in addition to orange stripes here and there. There are two main versions: one is the red jersey with white pants; the other is mirrored. Both also have stripes of the opposite color (with orange centers) on their sides.
The other two are the full-red and full-white versions. They essentially combine the jerseys and pants of the same color palette from the two previous varieties, and that’s it. They are used rarely, often to distinguish themselves from a similarly-colored opponent or for other occasion.