Louis Vuitton Logo

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Being one of the oldest fashion houses, the company’s brand is justly considered a great fashion and luxury house, founded in 1854 by the French businessmen Louis Vuitton.
The company’s focus is on producing and distribution of high-quality clothes and fashion collections designed for men and women, among which are footwear, accessories, dresses, costumes and others.

Meaning and History

The visual identity of the company’s is depicted in the elegant and delicate style which remained unchanged for almost 125 years, but still was the most recognizable for all of the world. Of course, this style was intentionally chosen to relay gentleness and beauty, which are the main principles this brand is going for.

1896 – today

Louis Vuitton Logo

The first versions of the logo were introduced in 1896, when George Vuitton created the monogram signatures which included his father’s initials made in stripped lines as well as flowers and quatrefoils in the same style inspired by Japanese motif.
Also, there wasn’t any lettering, because those signatures were recognizable on the products of the company.
For all the time this logo exists, the creative directors of the company stayed with the traditions of the brand’s style, but making steps to minimalism. Since 1962, the human figures became simple. They can either be painted gold-and-white or black-and-white, depending on the individual desire.

Emblem and Symbol

Sumbol Louis Vuitton

The primary emblem of the brand represents the initials of its founder Louis Vuitton, designed in black or light brown colour.
The letters ‘L’ and ‘V’ cross each other in the way that the whole emblem makes an optic illusion and looks volumetric so it catches your eye. In some cases, designers can use rainbow colours to make the logotype look stylish and elegant on the product.