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LVMH stands as a beacon of luxury, marrying fashion with elegance. Bernard Arnault, a titan in the luxury goods market, orchestrated its creation. This conglomerate came to life in Paris, the heart of fashion. It serves to offer the world high-end products, from exquisite apparel to timeless watches and jewelry. Craftsmanship, innovation, and heritage drive its mission, aiming to preserve the allure and prestige of luxury.

Meaning and history

LVMH Logo history

The inception of LVMH, or Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, dates back to 1987. This landmark year marked the amalgamation of two entities: Moët Hennessy, renowned for its spirits, and Louis Vuitton, celebrated for its leather goods. This fusion birthed a luxury powerhouse. The journey of LVMH has been adorned with strategic acquisitions, each enhancing its luxury portfolio. Significant milestones include the addition of Bulgari in 2011, strengthening its jewelry segment, and Tiffany & Co. in 2021, further elevating its prominence in the luxury market. These dates underscore LVMH’s relentless pursuit of excellence and expansion in the realm of luxury.

What is LVMH?
LVMH embodies the pinnacle of luxury, overseeing an empire of over 70 prestigious brands. It weaves together tradition and innovation, crafting experiences beyond mere products. LVMH stands as a guardian of luxury’s future, shaping the contours of elegance and sophistication across the globe.

1987 – 2010

LVMH Logo 1987

The logo features two distinct segments, reflecting the heritage and synergy of LVMH. “Moët Hennessy” is written in an elegant green serif typeface, signifying the prestigious wine and spirit brands. Below, “Louis Vuitton” presents in a sophisticated, larger font, marking the iconic fashion lineage. A fine line separates the names, symbolizing the bridge between tradition and modern luxury. The overall design conveys sophistication and a rich legacy, with a minimalist approach that emphasizes timelessness and the art of simplicity.

2010 – Today


This incarnation of the LVMH logo strips back to the essentials, showcasing just the acronym in bold, navy blue letters. The font is a commanding serif type, implying a blend of classic and contemporary aesthetics. Each letter stands with confidence, grounded yet with a subtle nod to the company’s luxury status. Gone are the full names of the founding companies, replaced by a focus on the abbreviation that embodies the conglomerate. This minimalist approach reflects the brand’s evolution, embracing modernity while honoring its storied past. The color choice is both deep and sophisticated, resonating with the brand’s high-end positioning.