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Menards is a family-owned home improvement retail chain established by John Menard Jr. in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA. Originating as a pole building construction service, it evolved into a one-stop shop for home and garden needs, offering materials, tools, and supplies for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. Renowned for its expansive inventory and “Save Big Money” slogan, Menards has grown into a prominent Midwest fixture, distinguishing itself with a broad product range and commitment to customer service.

Meaning and history

Menards Logo history

In 1960, John Menard Jr. started Menards in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It began as a pole building business. Quickly, it transformed into a retail giant for home improvement. Menards stood out for its vast selection and value. It became a family-owned Midwest staple. By offering materials, tools, and garden supplies, it attracted DIY fans and professionals. The slogan “Save Big Money” captured its essence of affordability. Expansion continued, with stores spreading across the region. Menards is known for its customer focus and diverse inventory. It competes with national chains, maintaining its unique charm and commitment to savings.

What is Menards?
Menards is a revered home improvement chain in the Midwest, born from the entrepreneurial spirit of John Menard Jr. in 1960. It’s a sanctuary for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering an extensive array of products, from building materials to garden supplies, all under the mantra of saving big.

1960 – 1983

Menard Cashway Lumber Logo 1960

The logo presents a rustic charm with earthy brown tones and a bold, handcrafted font that spells “MENARD”. A clover in a dark olive green, suggesting luck and growth. Beneath, a smaller typeface actively spells out “Cashway Lumber”, enhancing the brand’s homegrown, accessible character. The overall design conveys a sense of tradition and reliability, reminiscent of classic Americana signage.

1983 – Today

Menards Logo

This logo takes a modern turn from its predecessor, boasting a bold, block-lettered “MENARDS” in stark white against a striking green pentagon-shaped background. Underneath, a trio of horizontal stripes in black, yellow, and red add a dynamic visual element, reminiscent of a builder’s level tool. The design is encased in a thick black border, giving it a pronounced and professional appearance. This evolution reflects a more contemporary and polished brand identity, aligning with the company’s growth and expansion.


Menards Logo 1994

This logo features the name “MENARDS” in bold, white letters with a confident stance, housed within a pentagon resembling an abstract house silhouette. The stark, dark background makes the white text leap forward, while the green roof-like shape injects a sense of vibrancy. Beneath the name, a trio of stripes in braun, yellow, and red add a layer of depth, each color a nod to the brand’s diverse offerings. The design exudes a robust and grounded feel, echoing the company’s roots in building and home improvement.