Miami Dolphins Logo

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Florida’s oldest American football team is the Miami Dolphins. They are famous for their Super Bowl victories in 1972 and ’73, as well as for their record-breaking coach Don Schul and outstanding quarterback Dan Marino. The Orange Bowl in Miami served as the Dolphins’ home field from 1966 through 1986. The team relocated to the Hard Rock Stadium afterward. The club consistently made the playoffs. Numerous American football fans came to the Dolphins stadium in Miami to watch their games starting with the first NFL games.

Meaning and History

Miami Dolphins Logo history

The Miami Dolphins were born in 1966 out of a desire to expand the American Football League. The team was founded by Joseph Robbie and Denny Thomas, who paid $7.5 million for the right to play in the AFL. However, later Robbie became the sole owner of the club. Just two years after joining the NFL, the Miami Dolphins had their 100% season in NFL history with a 17-0 win-loss record. In early 1990, team owner Joe Robbie passed away. Four years later, the Dolphins were acquired by athlete Wayne Hayuzeng. Later, coach Jimmie Johnson became the new owner. Miami Dolphins was chosen as the team’s nickname since dolphins are among the fastest and brightest animals. Even a shark cannot keep them from fighting back.

What is Miami Dolphins?
The Dolphins are Florida’s oldest professional team. Don Shula, the NFL coach with the most victories, led the team for the majority of its existence. As of this point, Miami is the only NFC team to have finished the season with a perfect record.

1966 – 1974

Miami Dolphins Logo 1966

A teal-colored dolphin with some white highlights became the symbol of the team. It is no wonder they chose it because this animal is smart and fast. The dolphin is wearing a white football helmet with an orange and teal accent and “M” on the side of it. To add more color and interest to the emblem, the designers placed a round, orange outline of the sun in the background. It has a solid outline with thick, short rays. Multiple thinner rays are drawn between the thicker ones to create a perfect circle.

1974 – 1979

Miami Dolphins Logo 1974

The team decided to give the emblem more defined lines and, most importantly, make the dolphin bigger in comparison to the sun in the background. It seems as if the dolphin jumped higher than before. The orange color does not look as dark anymore.

1980 – 1996

Miami Dolphins Logo 1989

The changes this time were minimal, yet made a significant difference. The dolphin was done in a darker shade of teal, while the orange also looked deeper. The lines on the helmet were not only darker but also thicker. Overall, the logo got a more defined appearance. Another update was the dolphin itself, which got stretched out vertically and looked skinnier and longer.

1997 – 2012

Miami Dolphins Logo 1997

The dolphin was redrawn again. It got a more determined appearance thanks to the addition of dark blue details and white highlights. Its eyes were more defined while the shape got wider and shorter. The helmet acquired a little more detail. The sun has also changed its shape as there were no more thin rays, while the color looked even deeper. It looked more minimalistic and modern.

2013 – 2017

Miami Dolphins Logo 2013

Although the original idea was preserved, the dolphin and the sun looked very different. The animal now looked like it was swimming rather than jumping with its tail curved upwards and head pointed up. Moreover, the dolphin lost its football helmet. The sun outline has also changed its shape as there were sun rays of different lengths.

2018 – Today

Miami Dolphins Logo

The logo got redesigned a little. The animal changed its shape just a bit, mainly its tail got thinner. The sun also had a reddish shade of orange, which gave the logo a more daring appearance.

Font and Color

Miami Dolphins Emblem

The logo of the team has not changed much over the many years of its existence. It features a teal dolphin that looks great with an orange sun in the background. The orange color, which changed its deepness and shade several times, typically stands for excitement, determination, and success, while the teal symbolizes trustworthiness and reliability. When it comes to fonts, the Miami Dolphins logo featured only the initial “M”, which is a basic serif typeface.