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Monster Energy is the second most popular brand of energy drinks in the world, only outpaced by Red Bull. The company behind the drink has been known as Hansen since 1935, and part of the Monster’s success is attributed to the fact that it entered an exclusive distribution deal with Coca Cola in 2008.

Meaning and History

The drink was introduced in 2002, which makes it one of the younger energy drink brands. Red Bull, for instance, is known since the 80s. They chose the name ‘Monster’ simply because it’s a powerful concept, and they often advertise the drink as a fuel needed to finish some demanding activity, which fits the aesthetic.

What is Monster Energy?
Monster Energy is an American beverage company known for its popular energy drinks. It offers a wide range of caffeinated beverages that provide an energy boost to consumers. The brand is recognized for its edgy marketing campaigns and sponsorship of extreme sports events.

2002 – today

Monster Energy Logo

The central element of the logo is three green-stained claw marks. These occupy most of the space dedicated to the logo, which is just a black rectangle with some visual elements on it. Apart from the claw traces, the emblem has ‘Monster Energy written in its bottom.

Each word has its distinct font: the first one is largely inspired by the various metal bands that associate with raw energy, and the second one is a more mundane green sans-serif script.

Emblem and Symbol

There are many flavor variations types, many of which have distinct color pattern that also affect the emblem. For instance, the ‘Mango Loco’ can has a turquoise background with orange claws on it.  Considering that there are several dozen flavors worldwide, it creates rich diversity.