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Buchanan’s Logo is a marque of premium Scotch whisky that appeared in 1879 thanks to entrepreneur and brewer James Buchanan. It is brewed by Diageo in five variations: classic Black & White, De Luxe 12, Special Reserve 18, Master, and Red Seal. The whisky has earned various awards in international whisky competitions in San Francisco and received high ratings from experts.

Meaning and history

James Buchanan was a Canadian who moved to Scotland in the 1860s. In 1879, he moved to London to take a stand as a seller in a whisky trading company. Working in the English capital, Buchanan had quickly come to the conclusion that there was a largely untouched market for bottled Scotch whisky in England. He left the firm several months later and launched his own brand, Buchanan Blend. It has evolved into a company named James Buchanan & Co. five years later.

The company has gotten a royal warrant in 1898. It allowed the firm to provide the imperial household with Buchanan’s whisky. The firm was so successful in the 1900s that it opened a Paris office and a New York branch in 1902. In 1925, the business joined forces with other British whisky companies, Dewar’s and Walker’s, to form a monopoly named The Distillers Company. Now, the marque is owned by Diageo, a London-based international alcohol company.

What is Buchanan’s?
Buchanan’s is a premium marque of Scotch whisky, started in 1879 in London. The beverage is distilled in Scotland by Diageo in five variants: the original Black & White, De Luxe 12, Special Reserve 18, Master, and Red Seal. It is highly recommended by whisky experts and won several gold and silver awards in World Spirits competitions in San Francisco between 2005 and 2010.

1879 – today

Buchanans Logo

The official logotype of Buchanan’s whisky consists of an elegant inscription put on the bottles. A circular seal always goes along the nameplate. It shows a central shield with a lion on it and the ‘Buchanan’s Scotland’ inscription written at the edges.


Buchanan’s Emblem

The brand designers often paint the lettering gradient golden and white to add a sense of luxury to the logotype. Moreover, each character has a slim black. In its turn, the insignia is always dark red.


Buchanan’s Symbol

The font used to write the nameplate depicts bold uppercase letterforms with small serifs. As for the seal, it utilizes a typically capitalized sans-serif typeface.