Vinmonopolet Logo

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Vinmonopolet is the Norwegian company responsible for selling 100% of the strong alcoholic beverages and liquors in Norway (apart from illegal drinks). It’s actually a government-sponsored enterprise, whose sole goal is to reduce the alcohol consumption in this country by making liquor unaffordable.

Meaning and History

The company was established by the government as the means of restricting alcohol consumption for the populace. It was a lighter, more sensible approach compared to the preceding prohibition. Vinmonopolet would be the only company to produce strong alcohol, and their name actually means ‘Wine Monopoly’.

1922 – today

Vinmonopolet Logo

The logo wasn’t supposed to be attractive, because branding and income are secondary tasks for the company. The primary task was and is the management of alcohol consumption in Norway. The logo reflects that, and it’s divided into two parts.

The first part is the writing. It’s simply the company name written in plain black letters, all uppercase. There’s not much notable about them, apart from the fact that the tips on them are strangely pointy. The second part is the emblem. It’s a stylish letter ‘V’ drawn in an elegant manner. It’s seemingly connected to the spiraling pattern behind it.

Emblem and Symbol

Vinmonopolet doesn’t produce their own products: they sell the ones produced by breweries or monitor the ones produced inside the country, and then still sell them. So, you’ll only see the emblem inside the special stores owned by Vinmonopolet. That’s where most people buy drinks, anyway.