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Tanqueray is a famous English producer of gin. It’s iconic for many drinkers and Englishmen in general, seeing how it was the major maker of gin for many countries (Britain included, of course) since 1830. Later on, the popularity subsided in favor of other strong drinks, but it’s still an acclaimed alcohol producer.

Meaning and History

Unsurprisingly, the name comes from the founder of the brand – Charles Tanqueray, an entrepreneur who decided to open a distillery in London in 1830. Because gin was virtually the only available drink you had, it became rather popular very soon. Later on, they also introduced vodka and other strong drinks.

What is Tanqueray?
Tanqueray is a renowned British distillery known for producing high-quality gin. With a rich history dating back to 1830, Tanqueray has established itself as a premium gin brand, revered for its distinctively smooth and crisp taste. It offers a range of gin variants that have gained popularity worldwide among gin enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados.

1830 – today

Tanqueray Logo

The logo had the name of the brand – Tanqueray – written in dark green spindly letters that look as if handwritten. The color was no doubt meant to complement the color of the drink itself, seeing how gin is green and transparent. Above it was a red wax stamp with another handwritten letter ‘T’, but in lowercase.

Emblem and Symbol

They often put the emblem onto a white space and used this combination for the labels on their bottles. It’s a great color palette, because the gin itself is green. The lightness and transparency is good with white. Consequentially, Tanqueray vodka is sold with grayish, and not green, labels.