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San Miguel is a Philippine multinational conglomerate which focused on a large variety of services including production of beer, food, electric energy and construction of infrastructure. The company is number one in terms of revenue in the Philippines and has more than 24000 employees.

Meaning and History

San Miguel Corporation Logo history

The company was established in 1890 by the group of like-minded people led the businessman Enrique María Barretto. That time it was a small brewery, which wore the name of the place where it located – the capital of the Philippines, Manila, district San Miguel.

1890 – 1975

San Miguel Corporation Logo 1890

While the company remained a brewery, it didn’t need the branding. The only company mark was the name.

1975 – 1999

San Miguel Corporation Logo 1975

The first real logo was introduced in the year 1975, with the rebranding of the company. It had four drop-like figures of the red color, split by the white lines. Also, there was the black name of the company in the classic sans-serif font.

1999 – today

San Miguel Corporation Logo 1999

The following logo represented the red shield with the golden parts. It had the image of a lion that holds the sword. In the upper part, there was the castle. Above the shield, we could see the crown showing off. This logo is still used now, on some events.

1999 – 2012

San Miguel Corporation Logo 1999-2012

Another logo, introduced with the previous one, had the same shield in less size and the stylish sans-serif inscription.

2012 – Today

San Miguel Corporation Logo

In 2012, San Miguel brand designers decided to make up a change for the old shield. Their thought was to make it look more stylish with inscription. So, the shield became brighter, and its golden parts narrowed.

Emblem and Symbol

San Miguel logo and font is easy to change. For instance, their beers use medieval font for the producer name. The San Miguel Food company has the logo of the shield, enclosed in a multicolored circle, and the inscription in this case is placed below. Anyway, due to the shield emblem and the font, the brand looks sustainable and serious.