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Jack Daniel’s is the most successful American whiskey to date. It’s known across the world, and most people will likely name only this one if asked about the whiskey brands. This brand is a rather classic sort, and it’s often used in cocktails. There are many varieties, including Apple, Honey, Rye, Fire and so forth.

Meaning and History

Jack Daniels Logo history

The distillery was opened in 1875 by the whiskey enthusiast Jasper Daniel in Tennessee. ‘Jack’ is a common short variant for most American names that start with the ‘J’, which is how the name came to be. In the 50s, the company was bought by the Brown-Forman alcohol conglomerate.

1950 – 1990

Jack Daniels Logo 1950

The first logo only appeared in 1950, and it was mostly just the bottle labeling, although also used as a company logo in a shortened version.

It’s a black tall rectangle with some white embroidery close to its rims, as well as a lot of writing inside. The top was occupied by the lavish brand name written in thick, curved letters. Immediately below was the word ‘old time’, then the ‘old no. 7 brand’ inside a circle – this one is a reference to the registration number Jack’s distillery had.

The lower half had more mundane details, such as: ‘quality Tennessee’, ‘sour mash’ and ‘whisky’, as well as the nuance about distilling and location at the very bottom. Notably, each part was written in a completely new style.

1990 – 2006

Jack Daniels Logo 1990

In 1990, they decided to realign the size and positioning for some parts, as well as add more details below – particularly, the alcohol content.

2006 – today

Jack Daniels Logo

In the third iteration, they actually removed most of the location details, as well as the ‘old time’ part in an attempt to make a cleaner logo. Some minor alterations also followed, but nothing substantial.

Emblem and Symbol

The bottle labels changes according to what variety of whisky you have. Obviously, they change the text to feature the flavor and other details, but it’s also about the color. For instance, the apple whiskey changes from black to green, and there are also red, white, silver, yellow and other palettes.