Moschino Logo

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Moschino is a high-end Italian fashion house. Franco Moschino founded it. He established it in Milan. The brand began to provide an innovative, colorful, and sometimes eccentric design approach. The primary aim was to challenge conventional fashion norms.

Meaning and history

Moschino started in 1983. Franco Moschino used his brand to express social and environmental awareness through chic designs. In the late 1980s, Moschino launched a cheaper and chic line, introducing denim and casual styles. By 1994, the brand introduced its first perfume. After Franco’s death in 1994, his assistant, Rossella Jardini, took over until Jeremy Scott became the creative director in 2013. Scott infused pop culture deeply into the collections, reinforcing the brand’s playful style.

What is Moschino?
Moschino is a luxury fashion label recognized for its bold, playful, and creative designs. The brand often incorporates satirical and social messages into its collections. Moschino continues to be a popular choice for those who like to mix high fashion with humor and insight.


Moschino Logo

The logo displays the word “MOSCHINO” in a bold, sans-serif typeface. It’s black on a white backdrop, exuding a stark, modern simplicity. The letters are uppercase, offering a commanding presence. The font’s uniform thickness throughout suggests a blend of elegance and contemporary flair. This design speaks to the fashion brand’s chic, forward-thinking ethos. The minimalistic approach underscores Moschino’s penchant for a clean, impactful aesthetic. There’s a balance in the spacing between the letters, ensuring the brand name is instantly recognizable and visually striking.