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Netflix is a popular streaming service for movies and shows. It was opened in 1997 as a way to see new movies online. By the 2010s, the platform has become the way to view new releases. It basically revolutionized the online entertainment sphere, which prompted a lot of companies to create their own, similar services.

Meaning and History

Netflix Logo history

1997 – 2000

Netflix Logo 1997

The first logo they had was quite mundane. It was their name written in black serif letters (styled as ‘Net Flix’). The two parts were separated in the middle by a scroll of film colored with a gradient of purple to black.

2000 – 2001

Netflix Logo 2000

By the close of the century, they decided to modernize their logo. The name was compressed into a single word (‘Netflix’), although the letters were now slim, fluid and all lowercase. They also colored the letters white and put them inside a black oval. It was further surrounded on two sides by yellow crescents to make it resemble a signal broadcast.

The final touch is the dot over the letter I, which was replaced by a big slim square, colored in yellow. It was supposed to look like television.

2001 – 2014

Netflix Logo 2001

In 2001, they released their longest-serving logotype yet. It was a plain red rectangle with the company’s name written across its middle. These were tall white letters with black outlines and liberal amounts of interval between each of them. Moreover, they added a curve, so it looks like the letters diminish vertically the closer to the middle they go.

2016 – Today

Netflix Logo 2006

By 2016, they released a secondary emblem made from the letter N as seen on the main 2001 logo. It’s used heavily as the company’s emblem in the start of each movie/show broadcast on their platform. It’s the same letter N, except completely red and made as if from three distinct ribbons. There’s also no curvature, unlike the original emblem.

It’s also used as the Netflix icon for their mobile app.

2014 – Today

Netflix Logo

In late 2014, they came up with this logo. It eventually became the main one, when the old design was scrapped in 2001. It’s way more modern and universal. It’s just the letters taken from the 2001 logo, except these are wider, red and with less space between the characters. Other than that, it’s the same design.