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New England Patriots is one of the top teams in American football, and one of the best in the Eastern states. Originally from Boston (and still based there), the team was eventually named after the entirety of New England, seeing how they were pretty much the only worthwhile team in the region back then.

New England Patriots are a professional American football team based in Boston. It was originally one of the few professional teams in the region, which prompted them to rebrand as a New England team. It was created in 1960, known as Boston Patriots for the first ten years. They are a part of NFL and AFC East.
They are considered one of the most successful teams on the professional stage: 11-time champions of the AFC, starting with a triumph in ’85, as well as the most prolific team in Super Bowl history. They’ve won the most times (tied at 6 with Pittsburgh Steelers), but have also come second the most times, making them the overall leader in the roster.
Despite that, they were mostly an underdog when it came to NFL participation. They’ve only accumulated enough momentum in the 2000s, under the leadership of coach Belichik, and in large part due to quarterback Tom Brady. With them in charge of Patriots, the team won their first Super Bowl in ’02, and then two more in ‘04’ and ’05.
They are particularly known for their unbroken streak of 21 victories during the 2003-04 season of NFL. After that, they’ve cooled down and only climbed back to the top with a win in ’15. It was followed by the victories in ’17 and ’19, and the runner-up position in ’18.
Belichik continues to coach, although Brady has left the team in 2020. In 2020-23 NFL seasons, they’ve consistently won 2-3 places in the AFC East, which are still terrific results. They maintain a loving following all across the New England region, and particularly in their hometown of Boston.

Meaning and History

Patriots Logo history

The team was created in Boston in the year 1959. Back then, they were known as Boston Patriots, and their symbolic and branding were rife with the depictions of American militiamen (Boston being the city that kick-started the Revolution). In 1971, they changed the name to New England Patriots.

1960 – 1961

Patriots Logo 1960

The first short-lived logo depicted the iconic three-tip hat used by the American military during the War of Independence. It faced the viewer, and was mostly colored blue with some white illumination along the rim.

1961 – 1964

Patriots Logo 1961

The iconic militiamen emblem was introduced in 1961. It featured a classic interpretation of a blue-clad infantryman of the American Independence War with white trousers, red boots and a red hat.

He’s positioned low, placing a ball on the ground, which would in real life be followed by him kicking it.

1965 – 1970

Patriots Logo 1965

The 1965 logo was pretty much the same emblem, although with different coloring and slightly reimagined details. The previous iteration was rough in terms of colors, with different hues all over it and a generally low quality of execution.

The 1965 evolution was much more pleasant. It was cleaner and more pleasant, if more cartoonish, too.

1971 – 1992

Patriots Logo 1971

The only real change in 1971 was the removal of the skin color from the hands and the face of a mascot in favor of blank white space.

1993 – 1999

Patriots Logo 1993

In 1993, the Patriots introduced the logo that most fans know them by. It’s a simplistic grey face with acute featured, topped with a dark blue hat, which is in turn decorated by a single white star. From its back, it protrudes several banners tipped with red.

2000 – today

Patriots Logo

The emblem was kept into the 21st century, although they did change the palette to a slightly darker one – especially with the color blue.

Emblem and Symbol

The other emblem utilized by the patriots is a simple brand name they use at times. The logo is primary, of course, and you’ll mostly see it instead of anything else. This one is used occasionally, because it’s not too unique. Most teams have blocky serif lettering for some purpose – this one simply happens to be blue and curved upwards.


New England Patriots Helmet

There are two main types of helmets used by the Patriots.
One is used on most occasions: colored in light silver tint. The only other colors on the hard shell part are the grey, white, red and blue used for the team’s symbol on the sides, as usual. It depicts a grey-faced minuteman with a blue hat, the red & white stripes behind him and the white outline all around. The faceguard is red.
The other is the historic version, used mostly with the red gear they used previously. It uses the pre-1992 logo of a full-bodied patriot fixing for attack. The helmets are fully white, besides the symbols and the blue stripe with red edges in the middle.


New England Patriots Uniform

The majority of their games, the team plays in typical dark blue jerseys. They are often accompanied by the pants of the same or white color. The white stripes with red rims normally line the sides of both shoulder pads and pants.
It’s also uncommon to see them in reversed gear: white jerseys with dark blue pants. They are never seen in full white, however. Their color palette obviously matches the American national colors, with blue given preference. It doesn’t stop them from using historic bright red jerseys on special occasions, typically paired with white pants and blue-with-white stripes at the sides.