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New Era is a renowned headwear fashion brand, famous for its baseball caps. It was created by Ehrhardt Koch in Buffalo, New York. Initially focused on producing Gatsby-style caps, the company shifted towards athletic caps, securing a place in sports, particularly baseball. Known for their 59FIFTY fitted cap, New Era melds sports functionality with urban fashion, becoming a staple in streetwear and a symbol of self-expression across various subcultures globally.

Meaning and history

New Era Logo history

New Era began in 1920, Buffalo, by Ehrhardt Koch. Initially, it produced Gatsby caps. By the 1930s, the focus shifted to athletic caps. It thrived by supplying baseball hats, notably for MLB. The 1950s saw the iconic 59FIFTY cap’s birth. It became a cultural symbol, transcending sports. The ’70s expanded its range, embracing various sports. In the ’90s, streetwear adopted it, elevating the brand to a fashion icon. New Era caps signify style and sports heritage globally, embodying a blend of tradition and contemporary fashion.

What is New Era?
New Era is a trailblazing headwear company that blends sports heritage with contemporary lifestyle fashion. Revered for pioneering the fitted cap, their iconic 59FIFTY style has become an emblem of self-expression and urban culture worldwide. From its 1920 inception in Buffalo, New Era has evolved into a global fashion brand, synonymous with quality, innovation, and a distinctive blend of athletic functionality and street-savvy design.

1920 – 1940s

New Era Logo 1920

The logo is minimalistic and typographic, featuring the name “New Era Cap Co., Inc.” in a sans-serif font. Its simplicity suggests a modern and clean design ethos, focusing on the brand’s name without additional graphical elements. The capitalized letters convey a sense of tradition and reliability, indicating a company that stands firmly by its products and heritage. The overall design is straightforward yet bold, embodying the company’s confident presence in the market.

1940s – 1950s

New Era Logo 1940

This iteration of the logo adds a tagline, encapsulating the brand’s dedication to quality in the sports cap domain. “NEW ERA”, prominently displayed in bold, capitalized letters, is underscored by the phrase “THE QUALITY NAME FOR SPORT CAPS”, affirming the company’s specialty and reputation. The quotation marks add a conversational element, as if the brand is being personally endorsed. The logo’s evolution signals a step towards defining the brand’s niche in sportswear, emphasizing its commitment to excellence in crafting headwear.

1950s – 1960s

New Era Logo 1950

In this logo version, New Era elevates its claim within the niche, asserting itself as the benchmark for baseball caps. The text “the standard by which all Baseball Caps are judged” conveys a message of unrivaled quality and leadership in the field. The design maintains a clean and straightforward aesthetic, with a subtle shift from a declarative tagline to a more definitive statement of industry dominance. It’s a bold proclamation of excellence, setting the bar high for competitors and reassuring customers of superior craftsmanship.


New Era Logo 1960

The logo iteration introduces “Leadership In Design Authority,” underscoring New Era’s pioneering status in headwear fashion. The emphasis shifts from quality standards to design innovation, suggesting a focus on trendsetting and aesthetic leadership. This tagline signals an expansive vision, not just quality craftsmanship but also creative direction in the cap industry. The logo’s evolution reflects an evolving brand identity, from quality assurance to a broader, design-forward industry influence.

1960s, 1978 – 1997

New Era Logo 1960s

The logo transforms dramatically, adopting a vibrant red color and a stylized, abstract design of a baseball cap. The word “NEW” is cleverly integrated into the cap’s shape, with the “ERA” following the cap’s curvature, making the entire image represent the product itself. This design is more visually dynamic and playful, moving away from the straightforward text-based approach of previous logos. The addition of the registered trademark symbol signifies the brand’s growing prominence and established intellectual property.

1970s – 1980s

New Era Logo 1970

The logo now sports a cursive, fluid typeface, a stark contrast to the previous bold, block-style lettering. The “New Era” text flows with an elegance that suggests a blend of tradition and modernity. This design emphasizes a more personalized, perhaps even handcrafted, approach to the brand identity. The cursive script evokes a sense of heritage and bespoke craftsmanship, possibly reflecting a refined aesthetic in the company’s product line. The switch to this script suggests a timeless quality, connecting the past and the future in its curves.

1997 – 2005

New Era Logo 1997

The logo pivots to a bold, geometric form with the iconic “NE” monogram. The new script boldly breaks from tradition, showcasing a sleek, modern abbreviation emblematic of the brand. “NEW ERA” stands out below in strong, capital letters, matching the monogram’s bold confidence.  This design choice speaks to a brand confident in its identity, one that has distilled its essence into a sharp, emblematic visual that’s instantly recognizable. The overall look is contemporary, clean, and designed to stand out.

2005 – Today

New Era Logo

The newest logo juxtaposes the “NE” monogram against “NEW ERA” in a dual-paneled design, creating a striking visual dichotomy. The monogram is angled dynamically, suggesting motion and forward-thinking, while the full name is presented in a clean, upright, and bold font, emphasizing stability and clarity. This layout offers a balance between the brand’s heritage and its contemporary edge. The contrasting black and white color scheme enhances visibility and reinforces the brand’s iconic status within its industry.