One Piece Logo

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One Piece is a Japanese anime TV series based on the manga of the same name and directed by Kōnosuke Uda. The plot is about the boy who obtained superpowers after eating a mysterious fruit. Accompanied by his pirate crew, he travels across the world to find the ultimate treasure called ‘One Piece’ and become a new pirate king.

Meaning and History

The plot of the TV series has a lot of the pirate touch to it. This feature reflected on the logotype, as well. For example, we can see the pirate skull holding the rope in its teethes. The rope is tied to the anchor-stylized letter ‘E’. Due to these details, the logotype gained a very bright pirate style.

1999 – Today

One Piece Logo

The classic logotype of the TV show depicts its name, written in the custom typeface. The pirate skull wears the hat and looks out of the hole in the letter ‘O’. A red boy’s silhouette stands where the letter ‘I’ would be. The whole logotype has the lines above and below, with ropes entwined into them.

Emblem and Symbol

There are many versions of the logotype, both official and fan-made. The official variations appear throughout the episodes of the show. The difference of these variants is not only in the color palette, but also in that the skull and the silhouette change their positions, as well as gain new items.