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Osu! is a musical videogame available on various systems and typically played in the browser. The gameplay requires you to follow certain painted shapes on the screen in a pattern that fits the music playing currently at the background. The game is rich in community content and is even popular on e-sports.

Meaning and History

Osu! Logo history

Osu! was released in 2007 by Dean Herbert, a lone game developer. It became popular quickly, establishing a vast fanbase. It still attracts new patches and updates to this day. The modern Japanese culture influenced the game profusely, with anime music and j-pop being among the most popular music genres in the game.

The game’s name essentially translates to ‘push!’ from Japanese. It means overcoming the odds and pushing forwards against the obstacles. It’s also reflected in the game itself, which can often by hard and punishing, whereas beating levels on a high score feels very rewarding.

What is ‘osu!’?
Osu! is a musical rhythm game that can be played with just your mouse. It’s available in the browser, and the gameplay revolves mainly around following the special colored areas in specific destinations. They appear and look in some accordance to the rhythm of the game currently playing in the background. You can upload your own songs to it, and it’ll adapt the gameplay to them.

2007 – 2015

Osu! Logo 2007

The original logotype introduced the general appearance used in all subsequent emblems. It was a pink disc with ‘osu!’ written on it. The characters were thin and used a regular sans-serif font of the color white. As for the pink, the main shade was a somewhat dark hue of that color, but they also added a paler layer on the top to look like a lighting effect of sorts.

2015 – today

Osu! Logo 2015

It’s one of the two main logotypes used in the subsequent years. Compared to the previous logotype, they made the letters bolder, added a thick white rim around the circle and spiced up the pink area. They essentially turned it into a bunch of pink triangles of varying sizes and shades, all confined in a circular area.

2018 – today

Osu! Logo

The later logotype is very similar to the 2015 emblem, except they added a lot of 3D graphics to it. They added a sort of lighting effect to it. It practically translates to the altered appearance of the half of this disc. The white fragments in it had a lot of pink pumped into them, which looks like the color is reflected in these lighter surfaces. Besides that, not much was changed.


Osu! Symbol

The main colors used in these logotypes are white and the many shades of pink. The pink in the more recent variants is typically on the darker side. It’s either a regular pink or an almost lilac look. The choice behind the pink is unclear, but it probably has much to do with the Japanese modern culture.


Osu! Emblem

The font has commonly been a sans-serif, but it changed somewhat from the earlier variation to the newer look. The early variant was a more typographical sort with thinner lines. The newer look is streamlined, clean-cut and very smooth. It’s also bolder to seem more carefree.