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Valorant is a 2020-published online tactical shooter produced and distributed by Riot. The game takes place in a futuristic setting, where various heroes fight with one another in seven game modes varying in targets and rules. Every character has specific abilities, getting enabled as the player performs during the game.

Starting with light arms, the players unlock other gears during the round, including assault rifles, sniper weapons, shotguns, bows, and various futuristic armories. The game is available free on Windows 10, but it offers paid-for skins and emojis to the players willing to customize the look of their characters and weapons.

Meaning and history

The game development began in 2014 under the ‘Project A’ label. To create the game, Riot has utilized the talents of a few extremely skilled veterans in the game development industry: Joe Ziegler, the game producer, accountable for the project’s general concept, David Nottingham, the creative chief for Valorant, as well as Salvatore Garozzo, who had been a cybersport player and a map creator for CS: GO in the past. He partnered with Trevor Romleski in game design. Moby Francke, the former art and character creator for Valve, took the post of art director.

While creating the game, the studio concentrated on making a first-person tactical shooter to compete with CS: GO. Riot aimed to attract the largest possible audience and create an active community. To do that, the company has chosen the model of distributing the game free while adding micro-transactions. To code the game, Riot chose Unreal Engine 4, recognized for its relative ease of use and wide range of options.

Many features of the game were inspired by the aforementioned Counter-Strike. These include the game modes and weapons. Other ones may refer to Blizzard’s Overwatch, such as heroes, their abilities, and futuristic setting.

Valorant came out on March 2nd, 2020, a day after its announcement. It got above-average reviews from the world’s game magazines, scoring websites, and ordinary users and has quickly attracted high online.

What is Valorant?
Valorant is a multiplayer shooter with a tactical incline, created by an British game developer Riot, and distributed by Microsoft in 2020. The game sets the users in a futuristic universe where the characters named Agents fight in various game modes on different maps. Each character has a special ability, fitting the skills of other agents. Players start every round with a simple handgun, but as the match goes on, they get access to the new weapons. The game is available free on PC, but it offers micro-transactions.

2020 – today

Valorant Logo

The Valorant logotype basically depicts the character ‘v’ with a gap near the place where the two bars of the letter should connect. Due to this, the symbol looks like two separated trapezes, one bigger than another. Below the image, the logotype designers wrote the nameplate in all capitals.


Valorant Symbol

The name’s font is a custom one. It features angular sans-serif capitals with small inter-letter intervals. Each character has a sharp form with somewhat tilted positioning. The letter ‘n’ has its left bar shortened to not hit on the preceding letter ‘a’. Moreover, the ‘r’ letterform show’s a gap separating its two diagonal bars and the vertical line.


Valorant Emblem

The logotype’s coloring has been composed of black for the symbols and white for the background if there is one. The additional color code includes red and white. For pride month, Valorant shows its custom ‘v’ colored rainbow colors.