OVO Logo

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What is OVO Logo

OVO (‘October’s very own’) is a music label created by Drake. It was founded in 2012 to represent the musician, but soon grew to work with numerous other performers, including Roy Woods and PartyNextDoor. The label mostly records music in the hip-hop and rap genre.

Meaning and History

2012 – Today

OVO Logo

OVO logo is mostly just a simple black square divided by a white line in two parts. The top one occupies about ¾ of the space and holds three white rectangles curved to bend to the right. The other one says ‘OVO Sound’ in white sans-serif letters, all uppercase. Sometimes they further outline the whole square in white.

Emblem and Symbol

Sometimes people use an emblem of an owl drawn with golden lines as the company’s logotype. However, it doesn’t seem to be the official symbol. It’s more likely a fan creation, originating from the similarities between the acronym ‘OVO’ made in full capital letters and the bird’s muzzle.