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OVO Sound, also known as simply OVO, is a Canadian record label. The main asset of the OVO label was and will certainly remain Drake, one of the founders of OVO Sound, along with eternal collaborators Oliver Khatib and Noah “40” Shebib. According to the official OVO website, PartyNextDoor, Majid Jordan, Popcaan, Roy Woods, DVSN, as well as iLoveMakonnen, and OB O’Brien, who plays the role of “Drake’s best friend” on the label, appear as label artists along with some other well-known names. Although OVO’s main source of income is fashion, the company’s music and creative projects also play an important role.

Meaning and History

OVO (October’s Very Own) Sound is a music label created by Drake. The name also hints at the month of the year when the founder was born. It was officially founded in 2012 to represent the musician but soon grew to work with numerous other performers, including Roy Woods and PartyNextDoor. The label’s roots, though, go all the way back to 2006 when Drake released his first official mixtape. They created an OVO MySpace page and then a blog where they and their team posted music, art, photography, and fashion, as well as their own work. The year 2015 saw the launch of OVO Sound Radio, a bi-monthly radio program co-produced with Apple Beats 1 internet radio with at least one single premiere on every episode.

What is OVO?
OVO is a music label that mostly records music in the hip-hop and rap genre.  Besides music, there is merchandise sold under the OVO brand and other projects.

2012 – Today

OVO Logo

OVO Sound logo is mostly just a simple black square divided by a thin white line into two parts. The top one occupies about ¾ of the space and holds three vertical rectangular arches that are bending to the right. They are white and have a very thin black line between them, while the outer edge is rather thick and looks like a frame. The other one says ‘OVO Sound’ in white sans-serif letters, all uppercase. Sometimes they frame the whole square with a thin white border.

For other products, they use a very minimalistic owl outline as the company’s logotype. It is drawn using either golden or black color for the outline while white serves as the filling. The owl is turned to the left, but facing forward. The image is sometimes accompanied by the full name of the brand or its abbreviation written underneath. It is originating from the similarities between the acronym ‘OVO’ where two “O”s serve as eyes and the “V” is the bird’s beak.

Font and Color

The font used by the brand is a very basic serif typeface. Nonetheless, the logo is quite recognizable thanks to the owl image. It typically features a golden-colored outline, although a black one is also used. The inside is painted either black, which looks great in combination with golden, or white. When it comes to the OVO sound logo, the black and white colors look professional and classic. The font is also quite simple, but without serifs.