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Pagcor stands for the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. A government entity created it. Its birthplace lies within the Philippines. The primary aim was to regulate and promote the country’s gaming industry. Through its establishment, it seeks to generate significant revenues. These funds primarily support the government’s social projects. Uniqueness in its operation stems from its dual role. It acts both as a regulator and an operator of gaming services. This setup is relatively rare globally, making Pagcor a unique entity in the gaming world.

Meaning and History

Pagcor Logo history

Pagcor emerged on July 11, 1976. Its creation aimed at centralizing and regulating all games of chance in the Philippines, a notable move towards organized gaming. Over the years, Pagcor has played a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of the country. Significant milestones include its expansion and the introduction of new gaming technologies. Another key date is the launch of its Responsible Gaming Program, emphasizing its commitment to ethical gaming practices. Through decades, Pagcor has evolved, adapting to the changing landscapes of the gaming industry while contributing to national development.

What is Pagcor?
Pagcor is the Philippine government’s arm tasked with overseeing the gaming sector. It uniquely functions as both regulator and operator, a rare setup worldwide. Through its operations, Pagcor channels funds into public projects, significantly benefiting the Philippine society. Its commitment to responsible gaming underscores its role beyond profit, prioritizing ethical practices within the industry.

1983 – 2023

PAGCOR Logo 1983

The logo displays a stylized sunburst above a pair of embracing arcs. The sun, in golden yellow, radiates against the background, symbolizing hope and vitality. Green arcs mimic open arms or hills, suggesting a welcoming nature or stable landscape. White lines within these arcs add depth and dimension. The word “PAGCOR” crowns the image in bold, uppercase letters, asserting a strong, authoritative presence. The use of green represents growth and prosperity, a fitting choice for a gaming corporation with societal commitments. The overall design conveys a blend of dynamism and stability, reflecting Pagcor’s role in energizing and supporting the community.

2023 – Today


This logo marks a departure from the previous design, adopting a more abstract approach. The symbol now consists of blue and red shapes that suggest motion and fluidity. These forms could be interpreted as a stylized flame or a pair of wings, evoking dynamism and transformation. The bold red anchors the design, providing a sense of strength and passion, while the blue conveys stability and trustworthiness. “PAGCOR” appears in a simple, modern font, asserting a contemporary feel. This evolution in design reflects a shift towards a more modern and energetic identity, likely aiming to resonate with a broader, more diverse audience.