Paramount Logo

Paramount Pictures is one of the most popular and oldest Hollywood film studios. Many of the modern movies, and of them a hefty share of 20th century films, have been created on Paramount premises. They are one of the titans of the industry, alongside Fox and other prominent film companies.

Meaning and History

Paramount Logo history

Paramount was named after a house, weirdly enough. The apartment house, where the founder, Adolph Zukor used to live, was placed on the mountain and had the name ‘Paramount’, so it was one of the first thoughts Zukor had while trying to think up the name for his company back in 1912.

1914 – 1918

Paramount Logo-1914-18

Before the iconic logo with the stars, there was another one. It was made in the black and white style. The inscription ‘Paramount Pictures In excelsis’, written in three different typefaces, was put over the crown. However, this logo didn’t stay for a long.


Paramount Logo-1914

1914 – 1917

Paramount Logo-1914-17

A mountain peak, rising from the clouds, from the Zukor’s childhood was depicted in the company’s iconic logo. There was the word ‘Pictures’, written in the custom black typeface. Above the peak, there was the black sky, and the word ‘Paramount’, written over it. The whole logo was surrounded by the stars.

1917 – 1967

Paramount Logo-1917

They made a few changes in 1917. The fog, from which the peak is raising, thickened, while the mountain became less detailed, and lessened, and the number of the stars decreased as well. The whole logo became simpler than the previous one, and stayed with the company until 1967.

1967 – Today

Paramount Logo

The current logo of the Paramount lost the clouds near the peak, as well as the word ‘Pictures’, while the mountain gained more space in the logo, as well as the dark sky. There were even less stars than in the previous versions.

Emblem and Symbol

Paramount Emblem

There are many opinions on why does Paramount placed the stars on its logo. One of them reflects that the number of the stars represent how many film stars agreed to cooperate with the Paramount. Another one says that the company had more stars than there was in the Universe.