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American singer Prince Rogers Nelson, often known by his stage name Prince, has won numerous honors. Prince was recognized for his extraordinary ability to play almost any instrument, his wide vocal range, his mesmerizing stage appearance, and his extravagant makeup, haircuts, and wardrobe. He improvised fantastically and was able to leave the audience in a trance or a crazy mood.

Meaning and History

Prince Logo history

Prince Rogers Nelson was born in 1958. His parents also have a musical background. At the age of seven, Prince wrote his first song, “Funk Machine.” Prince founded his first band in high school with the help of his cousin, and the group played in bars and at parties. Prince, then 17 years old, recorded his first demo and obtained a contract with manager Owen Husney in 1976. Husney then assisted Prince in getting a contract with Warner Bros. After that, Prince relocated to California and his career took off.

What is Prince?
Prince is one of the most influential and creative musicians of his time. His songs skillfully blended a range of genres. The Purple Rain album, which is listed among the greatest albums of the rock and roll era, was Prince’s career golden age.

1984 – 2016

Prince Logo 1984

The logo is as striking as the individual it represented. It has some edginess to it with sharp, pointed brush strokes. The smooth lines enhance the elegant, yet confident overall appearance. It is cursive writing of his stage name done in purple color. There are no other details but the unique style of the inscription makes it one of a kind.

1992 – 2016

Prince Logo

The musician used the ankh (Egyptian cross) as the base for this version of his logo. This valued symbol of ancient times was quite appropriate for the true king of music. The top featured a perfect, bold circle that had an arrow pointing down. Between the two elements, there was a curved shape that resembled a French horn. According to the musician himself, this is a “Love Symbol” as it combines the familiar signs for the male and female genders. The classic black color added elegance and power to the emblem.

Font and Color

Prince Emblem

The purple color of the original logo can have many meanings. It is typically associated with royalty, luxury, ambition, fantasy, and moodiness. Later, a black was introduced. It is also a classic color that gives the emblem a formal, luxurious, and mysterious appearance. Only the original logo had an inscription. It is done using custom, cursive writing that featured angular strokes, clean lines, and pointy terminals.